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Surf to Surf 2019 – It’s Back 25th August!

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In 2018 the club added the Underground Surf to Surf run event to coincide with the annual City to Surf and offer our club members an alternate run event.  Well it was a great success and it is on again this year. There are three distances offered 4, 12 & 21km starting and ending at the Sorrecto SLSC.

The event starts at 7:30am and all runners will head south. With the 4km runners turning at Watermans and the 12 & 21km runners turning at South Trigg. The 21 km runners will head north from the SSLSC for an additional 4.5kms north to just past the Whitfords round about. See the Course Maps below.

Water/Aid Stations

There are plenty of water stations along this section of the coast and it is expected that these should suffice. As this is not a race event please accept that there may be a few fellow runners partaking of the water.

SSLSC Start/Finish point

South of SSLSC (4, 12 & 21km):

MAAC Club (south side), Watermans Beach lookout (north side), (there are two more in here I will find them), North Trigg toilet block, South Trigg car park turn around point

North of SSLSC (21km):

Whitfords Nodes toilet block, Whitfords Nodes car park, Pinnaroo dog beach, Pinnaroo Point toilet block, Whitfords Ave toilet block

Course Maps

4km Event

Heading south from SSLSC runners will travel 2km to the turn around point at the Watermans Beach lookout.

4km turn point shown in the map below in redus2s 4km turn

Garmin connect course – click on name to open full view

12km Event

Heading south from SSLSC runners will travel 6km to the turn around point at the South Trigg Beach car park (just before the left hand bend up the hill).

12km turn point shown in the map below in redus2s 12km turn

Garmin connect course – click on name to open full view

21km Event

Heading south from SSLSC runners will travel 6km to the turn around point (same as the 12km course) at the South Trigg Beach car park (just before the left hand bend up the hill). Once back to the Surf Club take the roadway path north and travel north past the club to the northern turn around point at the Whitfords road side path just past the Whitfords round about 20 m past the toilet block.

21/12km southern turn point shown in the map below in redus2s 12km turn

21km northern turn point shown in the map below in redus2s 21km north turn

Garmin connect course – click on name to open full view

Cycling Update Thursday & Saturday

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Just a quick note on cycling this week specifically for Thursday and Saturday. The details in the weekly update were not 100% correct for these two dates – so this week Thursday & Saturday the rides are as follows:

Thursday 25th Oct


Venue: Meet at Bottlemart Whitfords
Time: 5:45am– 7:00am
Details: This ride is scheduled every fortnight and is a short hills training session on local roads. The route offers some flexibility on distance and pace depending on how you feel on the day as the hill repeat area is a 2 km loop with either 3, 2 or 1 times up the Hocking Pde Hill, thus you can add or subtract a loop and then wait at the regroup area at the top of the hill on Hocking Parade behind Sacred Heart College. A pre-ride briefing will be given.

See WEBSITE for more information.

Saturday 27th Oct


6am start from Sorrento Surf Club.

The Yanchep/Two Rocks ride is the clubs regular Saturday ride and can be made any length you wish as it is an out and back course. The documented ride shows 4 total distances being 64km, 74km, 90km & 112km. It is suitable for all group levels of riders as we group ride to the Burns Beach & Marmion road intersection and then head out in groups – Group 1 – plus 33km/hr, Group 2 – plus 30km/hr, Group 3 less 30km/hr.

More info and maps here


PRE NOTICE – Saturday 3rd Nov

RIDE: Power Station Time Trial

Joondalup Loop Anti

Thursday Morning Ride Change

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With the on-going road works on West Coast Drive near Pinarroo it is worth making a few temporary adjustments to avoid this area. So for tomorrow we will try to good old Joondalup Loop ride that we used to do every second Thursday. Full details for this ride are published here – Ride Joondalup Loop Anticlockwise. It is a great ride with some challenging sections, a number of stops due to lights etc but is certainly a lot better than dealing with the road works and will provide a change. Looking forward to seeing you all at Celebrations Bottle Shop for a 6AM departure tomorrow.

Two Dams ride

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Meet at Deepwater Point Carpark for a 6.30am start, ride takes us to Canning Dam and Wungong Dam, coffee at Deepwater Point after ride.  Please wear club cycling kit.  You will need two water bidons, some food and spare tube, there will be two water stops where we can refill our bidons.

Distance 100km, if possible I would like to split into two groups and would need someone to lead a slower group.

You can view, export the route to Garmin or to Strava app on smart phone here.

Two Dams route

Important:  Please have id, Information required is your name, DOB, Emergency Contact and their Phone Number and any known Medical Conditions.  We have ID bands that are ideal for this and can usually be purchased from the ride leader, cost is $15

One Dam ride

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Meet at Guildford Railway Station carpark for a 6am start, ride takes us through John Forrest Park and then on to Mundaring Dam, returning to Guildford for coffee at the end of the ride.  Please wear club cycling kit.  You will need two water bidons, some food and spare tube.



Guildford Hills

NCTC Junior Member Information 2018

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Hi everyone, if we haven’t met, my name is Janine Kaye and I am the Juniors Coach at NCTC. I wanted to reach out to let you know some information specific to our juniors for the coming season.

Below is an explanation of the sessions available to the different ages and abilities of juniors we have as members. Please note that juniors aged 12 – 18 tears of age (as of 31st December 2017) are considered Competitive Juniors and are welcome to attend any of the adult sessions we have on offer. Check the club website and calendar for more information on the sessions available.



All juniors aged 7-15 are encouraged to sign up for our next block of Friday night junior training starting on the 27th October and running for 6 weeks until the 8th December 2017. The 2nd Block starts on 16th February 2018 until 23rd March 2018.  The program cost is $60 (or $100 if you sign up for both blocks). More information can be found here, including the link to register:

We alternate locations between Hillary’s marina and Whitford’s Nodes over the 6 weeks. At Hillary’s, all age groups participate in ocean swimming and beach running. At Whitford’s Nodes, the younger juniors work on their running and bike skills with me, while the older juniors (11+) develop their cycling with Kevin Chua. These sessions have a play based undertone and focus on skill development and confidence building while having FUN with your peers. Help from parents is encouraged and very much appreciated.



Monday- We offer a junior only swim session on Monday nights at Arena at 6pm in the 25m pool coached by myself. This session is aimed at juniors swimming at level 8 (in school swimming levels) and above. We work on stroke development, technique and swim fitness, and cover distances from 1.2km -2km depending on ability. We usually bre break for Christmas but will recommence shortly after as this session will be provided year round.  At present, this session is full but please let me know if you are interested in being added to the wait list.

Wednesday – Juniors who are level 9 and above can attend the Wednesday night 6.30pm session at Craigie. This is a great option for those who cannot attend the Monday night session or as a second session for the week to improve swim fitness.

There are 2 sessions on Wednesday’s; one inside in the 25m pool with Pippa working on technique and swim fitness (participants should be able to complete 1.5km of swimming in total over the hour) and outside with me in the 50m pool working on pacing, speed and endurance. Most of the juniors swim inside with Pippa, but I do have some that attend outside with me that are confidently swimming over 2km and are consistently holding faster than 2min/100m pace for the session.

For the Wednesday night swims, you just turn up and introduce yourself to the coach. All swim sessions are $10 payable to the coach on pool deck (plus pool entry at the gate) or you can purchase a session card, which is $80 for 20 credits (2 credits for a swim, 1 for a run).



Please check the calendar and Newsletter for the latest run session venues and times as these may change.

But the clubs usual sessions are:

Tuesday  – The club offers a Tempo session, which is coached by Mark Bosch or Janine Kaye and is open to all adults and any juniors 12+ wishing to improve their running. Distances covered would be 5+km.

Thursday- This is a threshold interval-based session and is available for ALL junior members of any age who are keen to improve their running technique, confidence and speed. Distances covered will start from 3km but will be based on run fitness.

More advanced junior runners are encouraged to join the concurrent session with Mike Bosch that is aimed at a performance improvement level.

Run sessions are $5. Purchasing a session card is encouraged to reduce cash handling for our coaches (1 credit for a run). No need to book, just turn up.



Cycling is the one thing we don’t encourage younger juniors to join in with adults for due to safety reasons, and also because the sessions are guided but not coached. Older juniors who are competent and confident cyclists are welcome to join the adult sessions.

Kevin is our main juniors cycle coach offers an invitation only ride on Saturday mornings with the juniors and beginner adult group. The group rides around 30km while working on building road cycling skills, confidence and fitness. Kevin needs to assess all juniors wishing to attend to ensure they are ready and safe to participate. He can do that during the 6-week training block or independently.  Let me know if you have any questions regarding this or would like Kevin’s contact details.



The club hold Aquathlons at Sorrento surf club on (roughly) alternate Friday nights over the season that juniors aged 12+ can participate in. The course can vary but it is generally a 600m swim and a 3.2km run. The club website has the dates listed on the calendar. Entry is $5 for juniors and it’s a fun social night for the whole family. You can even use it for an easy dinner and buy a great burger from the club BBQ!



NCTC hosts a SunSmart Kids Triathlon on Sunday the 25th February 2018, at Craigie Leisure Centre.

This event is open to all children aged 7 – 15 years old (as of 31st December 2017) who enjoy swimming, cycling and / or running and would love an opportunity to try a triathlon either by themselves or with friends in a team. The swim leg is in the pool and the bike and run is at the back of the leisure centre on a restricted service road.

Keep an eye on the website for more information and how to register which is coming soon!



 Updates: Be sure to sign up for the weekly updates on the front page of our website,, and also check out the calendar for all the important dates in the club,

Training cards: can be purchased here:

For $80, a 20 session card will get you 20 runs (1 credit) or 10 swims (2 credits) or a combo of both. Just show the coach your Register Now receipt to be issued with a card.

If you have any questions, please contact me or our Juniors Manager, Rhian Chin (!


Janine Kaye

Level 1 Triathlon Coach
ph: 0412850010

Route Updates for Club Thursday ride

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Folks with the road works starting on Marmion & Hepburn/Whitfords we are working up some changes to the routes. We have a new plan for tomorrows Sacred Hills ride so ensure you are at the briefing 5:45am to be given the new route details. We will update the ride plans on the website once we are sure these new routes work out for distance and more importantly safety.

Saturday 29th Oct Power Station Ride

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As per the weekly update Stuart cannot lead this group ride. I am happy to lead the ride but I do not want to ride the 90km from Sorrento and back so I propose two start locations. I plan to be at Joondalup Maccas for a 7AM start and if the Sorrento starters leave at 6:30 (as scheduled) then we can re-group at Ziatas and Spence junction at 7:30. Do the power station TT and meet back at Ziatas and Spence then head back to our respective start points.
The Sorrento ride works out at about 85km.
The Joondalup ride works out at about 50-55km
I have created a poll on Facebook ( to record your start location so please select your start point. I may touch base with a few of the Sorrento starters to ensure we are coordinated to meet up. See you Saturday morning!