Thursday Evenings – Coached Interval Run Session

$5.00 to cover venue hire & coaching payment.

Either pay cash to the coach or by using a Training Card which is discounted to $80 for 20 run sessions:

Summer ( October – May)

Flinders Reserve, Broadbeach Boulevard, Hillarys every Thursday evening (summer only) commences at 6:15pm for approx 1 hour.

This is a coached session of interval training.

Winter (June – Septemeber)

Thursday evenings at Flinders Reserve, Broadbeach Boulevard, Hillarys starting at 6:00pm, for 1 hour.

This is a coached session of interval training.

Interval sessions are good for everyone at all times of the year..

The purpose of our Thursday night interval training is to develop greater speed and get the body used to performing at speeds greater than it presently does. As triathletes are endurance athletes, the sets are designed not to be sprint efforts but to combine speed and endurance. As such, we aim to run intervals of 400m, 800 and 1200m, at speeds faster than we would run for a sustained 5K race pace. The speed and intensity should be between 15 to 40 seconds faster per Km than your normal pace, depending on the length of the interval. Repetition of these intervals with short rests in between develops the strength and endurance to increase your overall speed. Sets are varied in distance to suit athletes of all abilities. Athletes of all abilities will benefit from this training irrespective of how fast or slow they are at the present.

For Example:


Subject: 50 Something MALE, Medium fitness, Max heart rate 168bpm. Presently running 5K in 25 minutes.Session: Warm up, Run through drills, 1 x 1200m, 30secs REST, 2 x 800m 30 secs REST, 6 x 400m 30 secs REST, warm down. Goal is to run faster as the interval distances decrease and finish strongly at the end.

Performance: 1200m ( 4.55 pace), 800’s ( 4.45 pace), 400’s ( 4.35 pace with the last done in 4.25 ). You will see in the heart rate chart that the bpm builds throughout the set. The 30 second rest interval is enough to reduce heart rate by 15 – 12 bpm before starting the next rep. Heart rate rose to 95% of max bpm in the final 400 reps. Indicating a high level of intensity.

These sessions are designed to work you outside of your comfort zone and therefore not be too easy or comfortable. However they will make you faster and stronger. Love to see more people attending. Winter is the perfect time set you up for the next summer season.

Rob Lees.