Nationals Junior Fundraising

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North Coast Tri Club are pleased to announce that we will again be running the junior “Nationals” fundraising group for season 2012 – 2013. If you are interested in joining in the activities please keep reading.

It is a great honour to be selected for the state squad but as you probably know or can imagine the cost of sending kids away to compete interstate is always going to be expensive – this year it is expected to cost around $2000.00. It would be very distressing to miss the opportunity simply because it was unaffordable for you. The idea of the fund raising group is give you the opportunity to raise most of the money.

My Ireland Experience

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Now that I have sufficiently recovered I thought I should pen a short but lighthearted review of my race in Ireland HIM.

Back in May I was given the call to travel to UK for a few months to help out on a few things – a tough gig but someone had to do it. Upon arriving in the sunny UK I decided that I should race in at least one European Ironman event – just because I could (who ever said I was sane?). Just to set the scene – and not to give you too many expectations of fantastic results (I have long ago decided winning is not my forte) I should point out that leading up to race day I had done 2 road rides of a huge 50k, no running for 4 weeks after straining a calf and a huge swim block of about an hour a week in a 33m pool.

How Many Bikes To A Car

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Australia re-creates world famous transport photo.

On Sunday 9th September 69 volunteers, 69 bicycles, 60 cars and one bus gathered in Canberra to recreate a world-renowned photograph taken more than 20 years ago to demonstrate the advantages of bus and bicycle travel in congested cities. The captured image shows the typical space occupied in a city street by three common modes of transport—cars, bicycles and a bus—and is being made available free of charge to organisations, group and individuals to help promote the efficiency of public transport and cycling in congested cities.

Riding For Charity

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With Tegan and Carly.

Tegan and Carly Scott are taking part in a fundraising bike ride called (C4C) Cycle 4 Change. They were invited to join a group of students and experienced adult riders from Swan Christian College who will cycle

1100 kilometres to Albany and back with the aim of raising money. The funds go towards disadvantaged children in Zambia and Cambodia and assist towards the provision of food and education through the Kantolomba Hagar International and Awareness Cambodia projects.

Max Greive Run

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It would not be in Max’s nature to take credit for the evolution of the North Coast Tri Club and he would be the first to point out that he was only one of a key group of people who had the desire, tenacity and vision to bring the North Coast Triathlon Club into being.

The club and all its members past and present owes a huge debt of gratitude to this group of founding members and, indeed, to the people that continue to give selflessly of their time to manage and run the club to this very day.

Do The Right Thing

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Hello Folks, I rode into the wind and with the rain on the PSP from south to North today. Very hard slog. The going was slow. Because I was travelling quite slowly, I did notice a lot of rubbish beside the path. I counted 150 gel/bar wrappers in the section from Pinjarra Road to South Street. Mostly GU and Carboshotz wrappers. These were just the ones on the side of the path and obvious to see. There was other rubbish as well. I would not want to guess at how many wrappers may be in the bushes or more than a metre from the edge of the path.

TWA Season Launch

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This is a great function to attend not only will you get to hear all the exciting activities planned for the coming season, but you could be one of the lucky winners of a priority entry to next May’s Busselton IM 70.3. At the same event last year 20 North Coasters walked away with the goods. The tension of having to sit in front of your computer on the opening day of race registrations is not much fun, so come along the odd are good with 50 priority entries given away on the night.

Courses and Training

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The WA Department of Sport and Recreation and Royal Life Saving have teamed up to offer all sport and recreation volunteers in WA a one day first aid training courses at the special price of $49.95 (save 50%). Everyone involved in community sport and recreation is encouraged to attend.

Courses are being held across the state and offer hands-on, practical training that is enjoyable and engaging. Best of all, everyone will learn first aid skills they can use for life.