Triathlon Information

Triathlon: Involves the 3 disciplines of swim, bike and run. A participant completes each leg with 2 transition periods between the swim and bike legs and the bike to run legs.
Aquathlon: Races combining a swim followed by a run.
Duathlon: Is a run followed by a cycle, followed by a run.
Transition: The change from one discipline (e.g. swim) to the next (e.g. bike).
Transition area/zone: Where you keep your race gear and make the changes. T1 is the transition from swim to cycle and T2 is the transition from cycle to run usually.
Leg: Section of the race (e.g. swim, bike or run).
Aid/Water Station: Table supplying drinks and food for participants.

Maximum Training Distances

Avoid Over-training
Please stick to the distances, times and gear ratios recommended on this page.

The sport of triathlon is a fun and rewarding activity for people of all ages. It is also a sport that requires training in order to achieve personal goals during competition, and it is easy to assume that more training will lead to better results. However this is not true for junior or senior triathletes and it is important to realise that the type and quality of training is more critical than the quantity. Juniors in particular should be focusing on technique and speed during all their training sessions rather than endurance.

There is a risk of affecting the natural growth and development of young bodies if juniors overtrain while their bodies are still growing. Overtraining will also lead to injuries and loss of motivation for the sport. Therefore Triathlon Australia has produced the table below which recommends the maximum quantity of training for junior triathletes. These limits will reduce the risk of injuries and burnout of our juniors, and will ensure they enjoy the sport and continue participating for many years to come.

Age Max Number of Training Sessions Per Week Non-Training Days Per Week Maximum Distance to be Completed in a Single Session
Swim Bike Run
10 & 11 3 – 5 At least 2 3000m 1 hour ride 5km
12 & 13 5 – 8 At least 2 4000m 1½ hour ride 10km
14 & 15 7 – 10 At least 1 5000m 2½ hour ride 12km
16 & 17 8 – 12 At least 1 6000m 3 hour ride 15km

In the interest of the health of our junior triathletes, North Coast will be enforcing the above limitations at all our club training sessions, and we strongly encourage parents to ensure their children train within these recommendations.  An additional measure that has been adopted by Triathlon Australia and Cycling Australia is to limit the gear ratios to be used by juniors whilst cycling.  This is to avoid putting excessive loads on the knees and muscles during training and racing, which could cause the muscles and bones to develop in an unbalanced way.  These gear ratios are compulsory for juniors competing in State and National level events, and it is important that all training is done with these restricted ratios.  The gear ratios are measured as the maximum distance the bike will travel during one revolution of the pedals, and the allowable distances are as follows:

Age Max Distance Per Pedal Revolution
12 & 13 6.0m
14 & 15 6.50m
16 & 17 7.93m

Al at Al’s Cycle Surgery, Heathridge will be able to assist in locking off gears to ensure these ratios are not exceeded.

Recommended Maximum Race Distances

Triathlon Australia Junior Triathlon Maximum Race Distances

Age Group Swin Bike Run Comment Relay
Under 7 50m 500m 100m Novelty Event 50/500/100
7yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
8yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
9yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
10yo 200m 6km 1km Non-competitive/Novelty 300/10/2
11yo 200m 6km 1km Non-competitive/Novelty 300/10/2
12yo 300m 10km 2km Competitive 400/15/4
13yo 400m 15km 4km 750/20/5
14yo 750m 20km 5km 1.5/40/10
15yo 1.5km 40km 10km 1.5/40/10

Relay: One leg of distance stated.

Triathlon Australia Junior Duathlon Maximum Race Distances

Age Group Run Bike Comment Relay
Under 7 100m 500m Novelty Event 100/500
7yo 750m 3km Non-competitive/Novelty 1/6
8yo 750m 3km Non-competitive/Novelty 1/6
9yo 750m 3km Non-competitive/Novelty 1/6
10yo 1.5km 6km Non-competitive/Novelty 2/10
11yo 1.5km 6km Non-competitive/Novelty 2/10
12yo 3km 10km Competitive 4/15
13yo 4km 15km 5/20
14yo 7.5km 20km 7.5/20
15yo 10km 40km 10/40

Relay: One leg of distance stated.

Triathlon Australia Junior Aquathlon Maximum Race Distances

Age Group Swim Run Comment Relay
Under 7 50m 100m Novelty Event 50/100
7yo 100m 750m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/1
8yo 100m 750m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/1
9yo 100m 1km Non-competitive/Novelty 200/1
10yo 200m 2km Non-competitive/Novelty 300/2
11yo 200m 2km Non-competitive/Novelty 400/4
12yo 300m 4km Competitive 750/6
13yo 400m 6km 1/8
14yo 1km 8km 1.5/10
15yo 1.5km 10km 1.5/10

Relay: One leg of distance stated.