Juniors Events

2014 – 2015 Season Dates

Please check out our calendar for a list of events that  Juniors can enter. All ages events are green. Kids specific events are orange.

TriEvents TriSeries

These events provide children aged 7 to 11 the opportunity to swim, cycle and run for enjoyment.  It doesn’t matter how good they are at sport, it gives them the chance to challenge themselves, get healthy and active and boost their self esteem.  The events aren’t timed and there’s no finishing result, it’s simply all about participation and having a go.  Every participant receives a Finisher Medal at the end of each event.

The TADPOLE Series includes three different formats of multisport, Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon each conducted over age appropriate distances.  The events are all conducted at venues which provide a safe environment for all participants.  TADPOLES events are sanctioned by Triathlon Australia, all participants are covered by Triathlon Australia’s participants insurance. There is an entrance fee. More information, race details and how to enter can be found here


Each TADPOLES event runs in conjunction with other events on the TriEvents Calendar. The TADPOLES Triathlon will be held at Challenge Stadium where pool facilities are available as well as safe and suitable bike and run courses close by. This event will be open for children 7-12 years of age.

Event Name Date Type Distance
Champion Lakes Duathlon 5-Oct-14 Duathlon 500m Run, 3km Cycle, 250m Run
Hillarys Triathlon #1 15-Dec-13 Triathlon 100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run
Champion Lakes Triathlon 10-Jan-14 Triathlon 100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run
City of Busselton Tadpoles Triathlon 1-Feb-14 Triathlon 500m Run, 3km Cycle, 500m Run
TADPOLES TRIATHLON CHALLENGEChallenge Stadium 8-Feb-14 Triathlon 100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run
City of Rockingham Triathlon 15-Feb-14 Triathlon 100m Swim, 500m Run
Womens Triathlon 15-Mar-14 Girls Only 100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run
Hillarys Triathlon #2 12-Apr-14 Triathlon 100m Swim, 3km Cycle, 500m Run

Information regarding times and locations of venues as well as online entry can be found on the event web site, here

Contact TriEvents on 08 9244 5200 or email info@trievents.com.au

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Tryathlon
Sunday 30th March 2014

This is the big event of the year for our Younger Juniors with around 1500 kids competing.  It is held on the Esplanade in Perth.  All More information can be found on their website, here.

Events at other Junior Clubs

Other Junior clubs welcome Younger Juniors from other clubs at their events.  There is a reciprocal arrangement between most of them to accept Juniors from other clubs as secondary members for no cost.  You just need to fill in a form so they can record you as a member of their club for insurance purposes.  You will find out about their events via the TWA website calendar, or our calendar.