Have-A-Go Duathlon

Our club Have-A-Go Duathlon is held at Craigie Leisure Centre (CLC) – Whitfords Avenue Craigie on Sunday 19th October starting at 8am

On arrival for the Duathlon, you take your bikes to transition (located on the service road East of the Leisure Centre) and then head to the registration tent. At registration you determine the race distances you want to do. There are maximum but no minimum. It is all about participation.

After registration there is a briefing by the Race Director / Coaches / Marshals. The children ride around the cycle course in a group before the event so they know where to go. The children are set off in waves of similar age groups and ability with their distances set appropriately. When all the children have completed their event we hand out certificates and do spot prize draws. We use parent marshals at these events to keep the children safe. All parents are expected to assist.

The cycle course is on the service road running behind CLC. There are no cars and it makes a lap of about 1km. The run is on a track made from the firebreak around the wire fence at the back of CLC. 1 lap is about 500m.

Triathlon Australia Junior Triathlon Maximum Race Distance

Age Group Swim Bike Run Comment Relay
Under 7 50m 500m 100m Novelty Event 50/500/100
7yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
8yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
9yo 100m 3km 500m Non-competitive/Novelty 200/6/1
10yo 200m 6km 1km Non-competitive/Novelty 300/10/2
11yo 200m 6km 1km Non-competitive/Novelty 300/10/2
12yo 300m 10km 2km Competitive 400/15/4
13yo 400m 15km 4km Competitive 750/20/5
14yo 750m 20km 5km Competitive 1.5/40/10
15yo 1.5km 40km 10km Competitive 1.5/40/10

Relay: One leg of distance stated

Contacts on the Day

Registration / Senior Marshals:  Janine Kaye
Race Director / Set Up: Lee-ann Dart, trystars@northcoasttriclub.org.au