Fund Raising / Cost Assistance

Fundraising Guidelines 2016/2017


North Coast Tri Club has the opportunity to raise money by volunteering assistance with registration, recovery and marshalling at Tri Events. Tri Event Race Management also afford us the opportunity to raise funds through the sale of race belts at these events.

North Coast Tri Club is able to choose how to use these funds and this year when you agree to volunteer you will be able to nominate where your effort is apportioned. You can choose a specific junior for the points to be allocated against or for the funds to be allocated to North Coast Tri Club itself.

Volunteer guidelines

  • There is a minimum age of 16 for helping in all duties except athlete numbering where all ages can participate.
  • All volunteers are expected to act professionally in undertaking their duties.
  • Funds raised are allocated based on a points system with details of how to collect points shown below.
Volunteer ActivityPoints Awarded
Race Registration1 Point
Recovery Assistance (Water / timing chip removal)1 Point
Packing Trailer1 Point
Race belt sales1 Point
Athlete Marking1 Point
Race Marshalling2 Points
Half day events (as determined)2 Points
All day events (as determined)3 Points
Any other jobs co-ordination needs help with1 Point

Junior funding eligibility rules

  • The child must be a paid up member of Triathlon Australia and a member of North Coast Tri Club by 1 December 2016.
  • Funding is capped by North Coast Tri Club for all Junior Members each year.
  • Funding is only available for Interstate competitions.
  • Funds will be paid for juniors competing in the State School sports teams.
  • Requests for funds for juniors competing Interstate outside of the school sports teams must be approved by the North Coast Tri Club Committee with applications to be emailed to
  • If the junior is a reserve and does not accompany the team this season the money allocated to your child will be rolled over to the next season until it can be used. If your child is subsequently not selected before losing their junior status or ceasing to be a member of North Coast Tri Club then the funds will be forfeited and allocated to those who participate in the State School Sports Team.
  • If the junior does not compete for any reason then they will not be eligible to receive the funding.