Competitive Juniors Training

Your coaches for this season

Running: Thursday Running Session at Flinders Park
Swimming: Pippa Davis – Wednesday night – Craigie
Swimming Squad for CT’s and Adults
Cycling: Kevin Chua
Cycling Australia Level 1 Coach and Austcycle Level 1 Teacher
Level 1 Triathlon Coach
Age Group Manager: For queries on the CT’s general programming;

Run Training

Run training for the Competitive Juniors (CTs) is on a Thursday evening from 6pm to 7pm at Flinders Reserve, Hillarys in summer (Oct-May) and Moolanda Park, Kingsley in Winter (June-September) . This is in conjunction with the Adult run session and more information can be found here. Session cost is $3 to the coach.

Swim Training

Pippa Davis runs a stroke correction and technique based session on Wednesday evenings that is perfect for the CT’s to attend. The session is from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the 25 m indoor pool at Craigie Leisure Centre, Craigie. This session is ideal is to develop CT’s swimming fitness and skills in open water and triathlon swimming technique. Freestyle is the main focus. Swimmers need to have a good basic technique. Adults also join this session.

The cost is $10.00 a week (cash to the coach at each session attended or a 10 pass swim card can be purchased from register now for $80). Pool entry is additional.

Cycle Training

Cycling Sessions Friday Nights (alternate Fridays from October 30th – November 27th 2015, and then from Feb 5th to March 4th 2016)

For those Competitive Juniors, CTs (12-16s) who are beginning in the sport Kevin Chua will have sessions on alternate Friday afternoons  in conjunction with the Younger Juniors (7–11s) training program. The program runs for 10 weeks over the  season from October 30th – November 27th 2015, and then from Feb 5th to March 4th 2016.  These sessions build up confidence in bike handling and prepares them for riding in groups. There are set skills that need to be mastered before moving into the Saturday Morning Rides. These sessions are included as part of your NCTC membership. The CTs will also be included in the swim and run training sessions as part of the Juniors training program on the alternate Friday afternoons.

Cycling Sessions Saturday Mornings

Competitive Juniors (CTs) who Kevin Chua has assessed and deemed capable of these Saturday Morning group rides are able to move to this session. The session are on Saturdays at 6:15am sharp. Check the weekly update for location but usually Sorrento Surf  Club or Joondalup MacDonalds. Riders are to ensure they have lights plus a spare tube and puncture kits. Also please bring water to keep hydrated. Kevin has spent an enormous amount of time & effort creating a training programme to suit both Junior & Intermediate CT’s. Each Saturday will have an emphasis. Some weeks it will be focused on time trialling, others on hill work or longer rides.

To be suitable for group rides it is essential to be a CT club member with well developed cycling skills. The Saturday group rides are designed for experienced CT’s of at least 12 years of age. The lower limit on age has been based on children’s mental decision making capability. The information below has been designed by the club CT’s cycling coaches to provide guidance on some of the skills that would be expected to be mastered prior to being considered suitable for group cycling.

Ideally the CT’s bike will have 700cc wheels or 650cc as a minimum to provide stability and predictability when riding in traffic and a pace line. The aim of the below information is to allow the CT’s in conjunction with their parents to make a preliminary assessment of their current level of cycling skills, and to help them identify any areas (if any) in which they would like to receive cycle training. Contact: Kevin Chua – 0406 832 833 for more information if required or to discuss an assessment.

Competitive Junior Group Rides

(For 12 Years and Older)

Cycling Checklist


  1. Know and regularly use basic signals
  2. Confident in and out of pedals
  3. Corner efficiently
  4. Corner in pairs
  5. Corner without taking foot from pedals
  6. Ride in pace line
  7. Drink while maintaining control of bike
  8. Ride with hand on partners shoulder through circuit
  9. Understand and demonstrate the concept of soft pedalling
  10. Effective use of gears over varied terrain
  11. Comfortably ride 20kms


The Club runs Aquathons for CT’s and Adults on set Friday afternoon / early evenings at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club West Coast Hwy. More information can be found here  and refer to the calendar for dates. Any CT’s who have not done an Aquathon before, must see the race director with their parent(s) prior to the event. Previous experience in open water swimming is preferred.