The Club Committee 2017/18

Club Chair- Rob Chapman

The President is the principal leader of the organisation and has the overall responsibility for the administration. These include:

  • Setting the overall annual agenda for the committee
  • Help the committee prioritise its activities
  • Keep the running of the club on track by working within the framework of the constitution and the framework of the club policy
  • Must be informed of all the clubs activities
  • Be aware of the future directions and plans of the members
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club’s constitution and the various duties of all office bearers and subcommittees
  • Manage committee and executive meetings
  • Manage Annual General Meeting
  • Represent the Club at local, regional and association levels
  • Be a support for all clubs members
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities
  • Ensure that the planning and budgeting is carried out in accordance with the best interests of all members

Vice President –

Will at all times be available to stand in for the president at association and club meetings,
events and functions. This position requires an understanding of all functions of the Club President (see duties of Club President)

Also oversees:

  • Information sharing
  • Maintenance  of website by appropriately qualified/experienced member
  • The support and mentoring of the editor of the Club Newsletter
  • The setting up and running of an editorial sub committee (preferably from members other than those already on the committee) to help with production of the Newsletter.

Club Secretary – Moya Jones

MoyaThis person is the  internal administrator of the Club and is required to handle  the following:

  • Correspondence – collect mail from the post box, read, present at committee meetings, pass on appropriately and then record all correspondence to and from the club.
  • Records – save, store, maintain all club documents / notices / newsletters / minutes.
  • Meetings – set place and time, attend all meetings, send notice of meetings to relevant people, set agenda, take minutes and circulate minutes to all relevant people.
  • Keep on file at all times a complete and up to date resister of club members – this information will be available from the membership’s manager.

Treasurer – Tom Gilbert

  • TomKeep record of all accounts – maintain and keep up to date, for all expenditure and income
  • Issue receipts and deposits for all club income
  • Maintains credit card facility
  • Make committee approved payments
  • Is a Club cheques signatory
  • Controls petty cash
  • Present Treasurers report at each committee meeting
  • Prepare annual financial report for AGM
  • Maintain sponsorship register

General Committee

  • Assist office bearers with the carrying out of their designated duties
  • Contribute at committee meetings with feedback from members
  • Support all members

Kelli O’Neill, Brodie Hunter, James Knipe, Ross Skelton.