Board Nominations

As per the constitution some of the Board positions become vacant at the AGM, which is generally held in August. Generally a number of people will continue on and nominate themselves again back to the roles they had or maybe a different role. Of course there will also be a number of members leaving the Board.

As a fully self-funded, not for profit organisation the club must rely on Members giving up their time to ensure the smooth running of our very active training schedule, admin, and decision making.

At each AGM the Chair will be calling for people to join the Board. This should be a group of passionate members that will share a range of tasks – just being an active contributor to the flow of ongoing discussion that occurs via email or discussion in between meetings is a huge help but we also require people to take responsibility within the Executive group and general members to undertake roles such as Coach Liaison, Programs Coordinator, Social Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, & Communications Coordinator. If you wish to be a part of the decisions that are made, then be a part of the Board.

Your club needs your energy and enthusiasm and many hands make light work!

Nomination Form – AGM Date 12th August 2018

Board Nomination Form 2018-19

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