Ride – Power Station TT

The Power Station Time Trial ride is a single distance ride of 80km from Sorrento SLSC to the Gnangara Power Station and back. The time trial section is an out and back course of 15kms each way giving you an excellent opportunity to stretch the legs on a road with almost no vehicles.

We ride to and from the start point as a group and at a friendly pace as the real pace is kept for the TT section. Slower riders can simply turn earlier on the out and back section so this ride is suitable for all group levels.

The route is as follows:

  • North from Sorrento SLS Club head north and follow the coastal ride to Iluka
  • Up Burns Beach Rd east along Burns Beach Rd
  • Left Joondalup Drive
  • Left into Old Yanchep Rd
  • Right into Ziatas Rd
  • We will regroup at the junction of Spence & Ziatas
  • Time Trial Start here head north
  • Turn at power station – dead end
  • Regoup Spence & Ziatas
  • Right Old Yanchep Rd
  • Right Joondalup Drive
  • Right Burns Beach Rd
  • Return to Sorrento along the coast

This route is 80km.

NOTE: You can open each of this rides on the Garmin Connect system by simply click on the View Details button in the bottom right hand side of the map.

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