Max Greive Run

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It would not be in Max’s nature to take credit for the evolution of the North Coast Tri Club and he would be the first to point out that he was only one of a key group of people who had the desire, tenacity and vision to bring the North Coast Triathlon Club into being.

The club and all its members past and present owes a huge debt of gratitude to this group of founding members and, indeed, to the people that continue to give selflessly of their time to manage and run the club to this very day.

Do The Right Thing

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Hello Folks, I rode into the wind and with the rain on the PSP from south to North today. Very hard slog. The going was slow. Because I was travelling quite slowly, I did notice a lot of rubbish beside the path. I counted 150 gel/bar wrappers in the section from Pinjarra Road to South Street. Mostly GU and Carboshotz wrappers. These were just the ones on the side of the path and obvious to see. There was other rubbish as well. I would not want to guess at how many wrappers may be in the bushes or more than a metre from the edge of the path.

TWA Season Launch

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This is a great function to attend not only will you get to hear all the exciting activities planned for the coming season, but you could be one of the lucky winners of a priority entry to next May’s Busselton IM 70.3. At the same event last year 20 North Coasters walked away with the goods. The tension of having to sit in front of your computer on the opening day of race registrations is not much fun, so come along the odd are good with 50 priority entries given away on the night.

Courses and Training

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The WA Department of Sport and Recreation and Royal Life Saving have teamed up to offer all sport and recreation volunteers in WA a one day first aid training courses at the special price of $49.95 (save 50%). Everyone involved in community sport and recreation is encouraged to attend.

Courses are being held across the state and offer hands-on, practical training that is enjoyable and engaging. Best of all, everyone will learn first aid skills they can use for life.

Yepoon – Take Two

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Having had a near death experience first time round when I tried my hand at the 2011 Ironman 70.3 Yeppoon in Far Northern Queensland (FNQ), one would think that most (sane) people would have been deterred in going back to have another go. Apart from the nasty little stingers – definitely not good for people with allergies, and the very stormy waters resembling a scene from ‘DAS BOOT’, the rest as they say, is history and a decent two-beer story at that. Suffice it to say for present purposes that I, of course, couldn’t take that lying down and not finishing a race due to “environmental circumstances” is paramount to ego death by slow torture.

Mandurah 70.3 Ironman

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Volunteers want the best view at the first ever Iron-man 70.3 Mandurah?

Be part of the atmosphere of the newest 70.3 event on the race calendar by being involved in an official capacity. You might be a local wanting to support your community, an avid triathlete, a veteran volunteer, a student wanting to gain experience at a world class event, or simply a lover of sport.

Off To Vegas We Go

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The Ironman World Championships 70.3 will be held next month at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada USA on 9th September 2012.

Ian Hepenstall recently reported on the lead up to the World Championship 70.3 that they come from “a land downunder” – stacks of them – and the heat is really on for next weekend’s Marine Corps Ironman World Championship 70.3.

Trystars Duathlon Series

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Welcome to the new TRYstars season.

We are officially off and running for the new season, so welcome everybody. The TRYstars committee are busy planning the events and training for the season. All the information will be up on the website shortly. Just a reminder that your membership has expired on 30th June 2012 and you will need to renew if continuing this season.