Profile – Nick Thomas

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Do you have any nicknames  we don’t know about?nick thomas
Emm (Kitten) calls me her puppy =)

How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get introduced/involved into Tri’s?
This will be my fourth season coming up, initially I believe I was exposed to Tri’s when mum went to see my uncle and cousin WAAAAY back in the day (Max Greive and daughter, Min), but I really can’t remember too much about it – I think I was 6 or 7orsomething.

Profile – Kenji Nener

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Tell us a little bit about where you are at now Kenji

I’m a 19 year old triathlete who has recently become professional. I left home as soon as I left school to follow my ambition to make to the Olympics. Supported by my family and friends I trained along with the likes of Brad Kahlefeldt, Emma Moffat, Drew Box, Emma Jackson and Tyler Butterfield. Every day was an effort, every day I would come home sore and exhausted. But I have faith that this effort was for the greater good of achieving excellence. To give an idea of the jump in training load, I was doing about 12 hrs per week and am now doing 30 hrs a week.