Bike Tips

  • Make sure your helmet is free from cracks and fits correctly before you go for a ride
  • Before riding your bike whether it be cycle training, a triathlon or going for a ride ensure you check your bike is in working order
  • Do the ABC check:
    Air – Air in tyres: Make sure your tyres are pumped up and do not have punctures
    Brakes – Check that your Brakes are working
    Chain – Check your Chain is running smoothly over cogs when changing gear
  • If anything rattles then it probably needs tightening
  • Fit a water bottle to your bike in case you get thirsty while you are out riding
  • Take your bike for a check if you are unsure of the condition of it
  • Always make sure you wear bright clothing when you are riding so cars see you
  • If you have sunglasses, wear them to protect your eyes
  • Practice with a parent or friend the transition skills you have learned
  • Plan a course before you take off so you and your parents know where you are riding, even better take your parents with you and you can all have fun together
  • Make sure you ride on a safe surface, if on a road lookout for dangers including, cars, dogs, potholes, loose surfaces and other road users
  • Make sure you know how far you have to ride on the day of the event.  Practice this distance so you are ready on the day