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Sue Scott 2014

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Since joining our club in the season 2004/05 Sue has been a strong contributor to the club as an athlete and coach over the last 10 years. Sue is well known to many as the WIT cycle coach and her selfless nature, enjoyment and enthusiasm as a cycle coach for WIT has been a driving force in getting so many ‘Women into Triathlon’. Similarly Sue was a TRYStars coach for 3 seasons, providing fun-filled activities to improve youngsters’ triathlon skills.

Since the inception of the Club Triathlete of the Year award, Sue has polled in the top 10 every year and took out the title in the 2011/12 season.

Sue competes competitively. In her age group she has been awarded TWA Triathlete of the Year 3 times, additionally Sue has represented Australia on 5 occasions.

Aquathlon Series Handicap Table after Race 10

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Bikeforce Joondalup Aquathlon Series 2016/17 Handicap Table after Race 10

Name12345678910Total Points
Ayesha Scott50484441493634403433409
Allison Ratcliffe504139333437374435350
David Russell5050483746413536343
Gabriella Roddy-Clark5047494741352638333
Rahul Jegatheva5046454542283633325
Milie Roddy-Clark5048452827344743322
Phil Buckingham5045474639402331321
Kelli O'Neill50404338282623202524317
Virginia Entaiken50394236262322172423302
Rob Lees 50504444264040294
Morgan Marsh50504632363345292
Dylan Yarwood50434333163639260
Phil Corrick504647393144257
Caroline Kerr504240395032253
Mike Bosch5049483950236
Rob Pouw5049305047226
Rob Chapman5044374350224
Tracey Bartlett5049433144217
Simon Agar5050415025216
Adrew Ridley5040474234213
Michelle Martin5029355037201
Milou Smeets5025503041196
Fiona Longden50504142183
Rob Hall5030324227181
Tom Gilbert50493645180
Mathias Cervantes50474438179
Damien Newbold50463150177
Zina Coffey50483246176
Moya Jones50343950173
Phil Mosley50452446165
Rhian Chin50424229163
Madison Toovey50383043161
Gryffyn Argent50402937156
Russell Fitzgerald50275028155
Sarah Black50265028154
Mark Hoffmann 50501929148
Darren Hine50294522146
Phillip Tarquinio504449143
Donna Love504348141
Martin Flaig505038138
Lucas Walker504245137
Stuart King505035135
Tim Vander Kraats503548133
Alan Hartley505032132
Julie Kelly50212626123
Marcus Rooney503238120
Mahesh Mawjae503725112
Leanne Kelly503030110
Fiona High502925104
Michelle James502427101
Loretta Wesley 5050100
Kim Clay5050100
Richard Milloy5050100
Emma Conway5050100
Felipe Moura504999
Alex Black504999
Christine Golder504898
Brodie Hunter504696
Mike Parrotte504393
Martin Koreman504191
Ben Walton503888
Bill Lakic503585
Greg McIntosh503383
Ash Cornish503181
Michael Massey502878
Karen Chapman502777
Nicole Molloy502777
Greg Johnson501868
T Newton5050
G King5050
Adam Gillie5050
Adrian Whittaker5050
Jane Cousins5050
David Dillon5050
Troy Stewart5050
Rob Newton5050
Katrin Aedma5050
Damen Parker5050
Sarah Harvey5050
Rebecca Coghill5050
Nick Thomas5050
Jenni Vile5050
Mal Cruickshank5050
Andrew Toovey5050
Mark Campbell5050
Adrian Brookes5050
Alesha Wesley5050
Robyn Scott5050
Janine Kaye5050
Gemma Harris5050
Rachel Steadman5050
Brian Gallagher5050
Brad Kerin5050
Jasmine Greaves5050
Madelyn Coertzen5050
Petra Jerejian5050
Mellissa Lazic5050
Eve O'Hare5050
Helen Smelter5050
Alex Dennis5050
Stewart Massen5050
Peter Nissen5050
Ian Garthwaite5050
Craig Wright5050
VDKraat Team5050
Louise Black5050
Lisa Vass5050
Taneka Pearce5050
Jamie Perry5050
Andy Richards5050
Arron Smith5050
Brad Hosking5050
Matt Bott5050
Ross Skelton5050

Max Greive Memorial Run – 11th Nov 2016

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An impressive 89 participants ensured it was another great tribute to one of North Coast’s influential founding members. Max was an inspiration and mentor to many, both as a very highly respected schoolteacher and triathlete who led by example. Sadly, Max lost his battle with cancer in 1999.

Money raised for the Cancer Council of Australia totalled $649. Donations on the night totalled $369, with another $280 being raised by the BBQ team, so thanks to all who contributed financially and those who volunteered their time. Thanks to Tom Gilbert for organising the takings and making the payment to the Cancer Council.

In the 5km Bolt, it was Ayesha Scott who led home the field, flying the flag for the Juniors and Females, in a touch over 20 minutes. Runner up was another Junior, Andrew Rooney, coming in 15 seconds later.

In the 10km race it was Brad Kaye who made the pace for the early kilometres, as Rob Pouw bided his time before striding out in the final stretch to win by 24 seconds, in a time of 37.24, to take home the Big Ring Trophy. An impressive time considering the undulating course and block headwind.

For the girls it was Annika Gillgren who led the field home in 44’29”. Unfortunately for Annika, she was unable to claim the trophy which is reserved for North Coast members – much to the surprise of Morgan Marsh, who finished second, to take home the Female Big Ring Trophy.

Special thanks to Tom Houston who again supplied the highly desired, top quality and quite unique trophies.

Paul Heyes



1 Rob Pouw 37’24”
2 Brad Kaye 37’48”
3 Tim Vande Koot 39’45”
4 Simon Agar 40’01”
5 James Knipe + pram 40’26”

1 Annika Gillgren 44’29”
2 Morgan Marsh 45’40”
3 Sue Scott 46’58”
4 Emma Conway 48’58”
5 Carolin Kerr 51’30”

1Rob Pouw37.24
2Brad Kaye37.48
3Tim Vande Koot39.45
4Simon Agar40.01
5James Knipe40.26
6Troy Stewart40.46
7David Dillon40.52
8Paul Murphy40.59
9Phil Corrick41.05
10Brad Hosking41.13
11Martin Koreman41.53
12Phil Monks42.24
13David Russell42.48
14Ross Skelton43.21
15Alex Black43.37
16Ian Sutherland43.55
17Annika Gillgren44.29
18Hilton Funk45.04
19Rob Hall45.18
20Paul Heyes45.35
21Morgan Marsh45.40
22Rob Chapman45.40
23Marcus Rooney45.41
24Stuart King46.48
25Alex Dennis46.49
26Sue Scott46.58
27Steve Waterman47.03
28George Funk47.17
29Brodie Hunter47.26
30Greg Johnson47.32
31Mark Hoffmann48.17
32Martin Thorsen48.38
33Emma Conway48.58
34Richard Milloy49.32
35Rob Lees50.49
36Tom Gilbert51.12
37Carolin Kerr51.30
38Paul Waymouth52.12
39Jenny Aden52.18
40Chris Golder52.47
41Craig Wright53.59
42Sarah Black1.00.43
43Emma Bott1.05.34
44Kelli O'Neill1.05.34

5km BOLT


1 Ayesha Scott 20’25”
2 Aleisha Wesley 21’58”
3 Madison Toovey 22’14”
4 Julie Heyes 22’50”
5 Petra Jerejian 22’56”

1 Andrew Rooney 20’40”
2 Ollie Waymouth 21’40”
3 Luke Miller 22’40
4 Toby Waymouth 23’19”
5 Lachlan Cook 23’30”

1Ayesha Scott20.25
2Andrew Rooney20.40
3Ollie Waymouth21.40
4Aleisha Wesley21.58
5Madison Toovey22.14
6Luke Miller22.40
7Julie Heyes22.50
8Petra Jerejian22.56
9Cara Kerr23.09
10Toby Waymouth23.19
11Lachlan Cook23.30
12Thomas Rance23.33
13Henry Miller23.45
14Callum Smith23.00
15Gryffyn Argent23.41
16Max Argent23.42
17Ruben Argent24.30
18Ruby Aden24.34
19Ava Aden24.34
20Andy Richards25.20
21Lisa Vass25.50
22Katherine Humphreys28.00
23Anna MacFarlane28.04
24Karen Campbell28.22
25Elaine Leask28.26
26Elaine Ainsworth28.33
27Lucy Kaye28.55
28Ruth Hazell29.02
29Belinda Bartlett29.15
30Ann Blatchford29.25
31Amy Williams29.33
32Sian James29.41
33Sam Starr30.14
34Sarah Harvey31.28
35Leanne Kelly31.55
36Adrian Brooks31.56
37Cara Corrodus32.44
38Fiona High34.04
39Tejal Mawjee35.32
40Chardae Martin46.40
41Michelle Martin46.41
42Gabby Parrotte47.39
43Loretta Wesley47.40
44Lynn Girvan53.26
45Eddie Girvan53.27

Running Technique Seminar – Workshop notes

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As promised please find below the information received from Ben Green after the first Running Technique session. It’s not too late to register your interest for the upcoming follow up session this Sunday, 20th November. More information is available, please RSVP here if you would like to attend.

Running Routine – To be completed pre run sessions

  • Cardio-Vascular Warm Up: 5-15min easy jogging
  • Muscular Warm Up: Dynamic Stretches (5-10 reps each leg)
  • Neuromuscular Warm Up: Running Drills: (2 x 20m) of all drills in order below, walk back to start point after each drill for recovery

Video Example of Stretches & Drills can be found HERE

5 Front Runner Technique Cues (Key technique cues to remember during all drills)

  1. Tall hips: Keep trunk straight from hip to shoulder (minimise forward lean & seated posture). Stay tall by imagining a piece of string is pulling you upright
  2. High cadence: Aim to get as many foot contacts as possible during the drills
  3. Arm drive comes from elbow: Drive the elbows back and keep them tucked close to body, allowing the hands to move back & forth and not across the body
  4. Foot contact under body: Aiming for contact on the ball of the foot to reduce ground contact time. Quality of feet movement – focus on strong and powerful feet that are soft on landing and powerful on propulsion
  5. Scapula retraction: Pull the shoulders blades together to keep arm drive straight and the chest forward, minimising any “hunch” at the shoulders

Running Technique, Yoga for Triathletes and the Interclubs

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Don’t miss out on some great events coming up over the next few weeks. Please check the calendar on the club website to keep yourself informed about the club’s activities.

Running Technique Seminar, Flinders Park, Sunday 6th and 20th Nov

Sunday 6th November 3-5pm – Session 1

Sunday 20th November 3-4.15pm – Follow up session

Cost: $10 per session or $15 for both. Further details can be found here.

Please RSVP on the club’s Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.

Yoga for Triathletes, Craigie Leisure Centre, Saturday 12th Nov

Saturday 12th November 1-3pm

Enjoy 2 hours of yoga and stretching specifically to help triathletes. Juniors welcome as well.

Cost: $10 for the session.

Please RSVP on the club’s Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.

State Interclub Championship, Mandurah, Sunday 27th Nov

Sunday 27th November

Registrations are now open and we need as many members to participate as we can so we can win “our” trophy back. 🙂

Please sign up here.

Running Technique Workshop – Theory and Practice

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As Triathletes we know about the importance of technique to improve our swimming ability. We also focus on cadence and a proper bike fit for our cycling. So, when was the last time you thought about your running technique?

Please join us for two sessions with Ben Green from Front Runner Sports (The Running Centre).

Session 1 – Sunday 6th November 3pm – 5pm, Flinders Park Community Centre

  • Overview of theory of running biomechanics
  • Functional Running and stationary drills session including the benefits associated with doing the drills for running economy and performance

Session 2: Sunday 20th November 3pm – 4.15pm, Flinders Park

  • Follow up on content in session 1 and discussion around implementation
  • Drill progression and advanced dynamic drills prescription

Cost: $10 per session or $15 for both sessions – cash or NCTC training card

More information about Ben:

Ben Green (B.Sc Hons; Level 3 IAAF)

Ben is a biomechanics and coaching expert who specialises in running plans for all distances and one on one technique enhancement sessions. Ben coaches many emerging national/international middle distance runners, as well as recreational athletes of all levels. His athletes have reached high levels of proficiency including countless first time half and full marathoners, personal bests, overall race victories and national junior medals.

Sporting Results: Winner 2011 City to Surf 4km. PB’s 1500m 3.58; 3000m 8.48 and 5000m 15.12.

Upcoming Events

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12th and final Aquathlon – Friday 01 April 2016

Don’t miss the 12th and final Aquathlon of the season.

Mullaloo Triathlon – Sunday 03 April 2016

The race includes the standard 1500/40/10 format but now also a 250/10/2 suitable for Juniors 12-15Yrs and Novice athletes.

Key changes to this years event are:

  • The Start / Finish is now located at Mullaloo Beach.
  • There is a new scenic run course consisting of 2 x out-and-back 5km loops for the Standard distance and a single out-and-back loop for juniors

The revised race location and course provides a refreshing event experience that will prove fast and with a scenic run course that will test you!

The new race venue will offer an improved opportunity for spectators and supporters to enjoy the event.

As you now this event is now a part of the WA Triathlon Club Event series and is perfectly placed for a pre-Busso hit-out with many of the state’s top juniors lining up.

Further details are available at

North Coast Party – Saturday 23 July 2016


Time to switch the cleats for some special treats!

Come and celebrate the 2015/2016 season in style at the North Coast End of Season Party.

Photo1Awards will be presented, the season winner of the Bikeforce Joondalup Aquathlon Trophy will be announced and the bike prize will be drawn. It will be a fantastic night with lots of time for socialising and dancing.

Saturday 23th July, 2016, Joondalup Resort Poolside Marquee, starting at 6.30pm!

The dinner is open to all club members and their family/partners.  Tickets are $75 per person for adults and $55 for kids 15 and under. Each ticket is for a 3 cour
se buffet dinner and other surprises. Drinks are available to be purchased from the bar.

Buy your tickets by Monday 20 June to go in the draw to win overnight accommodation and breakfast for two at the Resort that can be used on the night, or saved for a later dat e.

Get your tickets now!

Any questions regarding your ticket purchase, please contact David Martin – Anyone with any special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, vegan or allergies) please contact Kelli O’Neill  ( or phone 0438 345 789) so the resort can organise a specific meal for you. Vegetarians will be catered for at the buffet. Also let Kelli know if you have any music requests to pass onto the DJ – artists, songs, types of music etc.

We hope to see LOTS of you there celebrating the wonderful year we have had together!