Club Awards Criteria

Club Triathlete of the Year (CTOY)

The object of the award is to recognise the Club member (primary member) that excels in the sport of triathlon whilst competing for themselves and for the Club in West Australia.

The foremost criteria are that this person is sufficiently Club focused to participate in Club Events and in the Inter Club Championships. This then makes the eligibility subject to at least one of the following 3 qualification opportunities.

  • Compete for the Club at the Inter Club Championships in Mandurah
  • Compete in the Max Grieve Classic 10k memorial race
  • Enter the Club summer Aquathlon as a series entrant

For the junior award, consideration will be given to the age restriction for each event in that a junior can qualify by competing in the Max Grieve 5k bolter.

Any member qualified by means of the above criteria is now eligible to win the CTOTY award. Therefore all other members become ineligible.

All eligible members will from then on be judged on their results on a “weight for age” basis – how well they perform in their division /category (Place & Time) against their own age opposition and against the best time by their gender on the day. e.g. first male 4hr, NCTC participant finish time 4hr 30min then factoring by 240min/270min x 1 point (3rd position in a non TWA Points Race) = 0.89 points scored for that race. 1st position would be 240 min/ 270 min x 3 points = 2.67 points. See below for the points scoring weight for the various race types.

Elite Club members will be encouraged to race in the open division by grading them not only in “open” by also grading them in the age category they would have raced in as an “age grouper” – this gives them the scope to be to still be the winner in our “weight for age” policy. It should be pointed out that for example that in the age group 20 – 24 most competitors would be competing in “open” therefore the grading for that age group would be lower than say the highly competitive age group of 30 – 34.

Points scoring will be as follows:

State Championship Races: 10 points for a 1st placing, down to 1 point for a 10th placing.
TWA Points Scoring Races: 5 points for a 1st placing, down to 1 point for a 5th placing.

Any other officially sanctioned TWA race in Western Australia – 3 points for a 1st placing, down to 1 point for a 3rd placing.

If needed for a tie breaker 1 point for each recorded finish in a Club Summer Aquathlon.

No minimum race entries required, however 6 best results will be utilised.

The whole process would greatly assisted if any Club member of the opinion that they are in the running for the award, would forward their results to the Club captain for recording and verification.

The management of the award programme is to be by the Club Captain or any other Club member as designated by the Club Captain or Club President.

Club Person of the Year

The club person of the year is the member or supporter who has been the most involved in club activities – competition and/or in other areas, for the current season. This person gives of their time generously in the cause of ensuring the smooth running of events and functions, and has the interests of all members at heart – often at the expense of their own. This person does not have to be a competitive member, or even a member, but as family of a member and a keen supporter and helper in our activities, they will also qualify for this prestigious award. The club president who presides over the award shall not be eligible for nomination.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to formally recognize any individuals who have achieved outstanding success in a World Class triathlon event during the current season. This award is independent of the Club Triathlete of the Year, hence it is possible that the same person could win the “Outstanding Achievement Award” and the CTOTY award. It is also possible there will be no winners of this award some years.

Eligibility Criteria: The recipient of the award must be an active member of North Coast Triathlon Club. This can be achieved by complying with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Represent North Coast Triathlon Club at the Interclub Championships in Mandurah.
  • Compete in the Max Grieve Run in the category that is appropriate of their age.
  • Compete in at least 5 club Aquathlons during the season.

Selection Criteria: Anyone who achieves one of the following will be presented with an “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the end of season presentation dinner.

1. Finishing in the top 10% of the competitors in their category at any of the following World Championship events

  • ITU Olympic Distance World Championships
  • ITU Long Course World Championships
  • ITU Duathlon World Championships
  • WTC Hawaiian Ironman World Championships
  • WTC 70.3 World Championships
  • WTC Ironman Events with 50 or more Hawaii qualifying slots.
  • Other events with a qualifying criteria based on results (such as Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in USA).

2. Finishing in the top 3 competitors in their category at the National Schools Championships (for juniors).

3. Finishing in the top 5% of the competitors in their category at any event which is deemed World Class by the NCTC committee. Examples of appropriate events are as follows:

  • WTC Ironman Events with 50 or more Hawaii qualifying slots.
  • Other events with a qualifying criteria based on results (such as Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in USA).

Notification: Due to the number of events in different parts of the World that fall within the criteria for this award, it is impossible for the Committee to monitor the results of all eligible races; therefore please notify the Club Captain if you believe you have satisfied the criteria for an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ so the result can be verified and approved by the Committee.