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North Coast Facebook Page

North Coast Triathlon Club now have a Facebook ‘Page’. You may already be following the ‘Group’ on Facebook, this will stay as a Private Group and over the next couple of months it will be updated to a ‘Members Only Group’.

So what does this mean for our Group?
As a Club we can better facilitate our Membership Group and offer benefits that only our members can access. Chat between members, social events and banter is the purpose of this space. The day-to-day training updates, photos and war stories is meant for this space.

So why do we need a Page?
The Club needs a ‘Page’ so that we can advertise our events, whether it be fundraising for the Juniors or promoting the WIT course, at the moment we don’t have this reach in a ‘Private Group’ space. It also means that our members can ‘share’ the awesomeness of our club with friends and family. The ‘Page’ is the equivalent of a website on Facebook, this means other Organisations can promote our events through Facebook too, which is fantastic for fundraising and attendance.

So what do we want Members to do?
Just ‘Like’ ‘Follow’ and ‘Share’ the Facebook Page. It’s that simple! Enjoy the ‘Group’ for the banter and chat, and the Committee will take care of the rest!