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The new club shop is now open stocking a much wider range of items than were previously available. Please have a look and place your orders online. Any questions please feel free to contact James Knipe via our FACEBOOK page and he will try and respond as quickly as he can.north-coast-tri-club18-trisuit-SB-LB6-1

You can ship to yourself for a small fee, or have them delivered to James for free and they will be distributed once received. Orders are due to be shipped mid-September to be received before the start of the season in October.  SHOP CLOSES 25th  JULY.

The club will buy some additional stock so there may be some limited scope for changing items to a different size, but only IF WE HAVE THAT ITEM IN STOCK. We hope to have a sizing kit available soon, and sizing guidelines are available on the website.

When buying items, there is usually the possibility of customisation, e.g. longer or shorter body / arm / leg length etc. One of the optimisation options is the chamois in tri-suits and cycling shorts…be sure to choose the option which is best for you. For tri suits, the standard chamois is good for sprint / OD events, and there is an option for their advanced tri pad (small additional cost) which is better for longer events, e.g. 70.3 and IM.NCTC Tshirt

nctc gloves


We’ve also got some great casual items (polo shirts and t-shirts) and running singlets available, and a heap of cycling accessories (caps, arm warmers, winter jerseys, gloves and vests).
We’ve worked hard to bring a wider range and reduced cost for our members, and hope to see you take advantage of this and wear your club colours with pride!

EDIT ON WOMENS BIB SHORTS – The text description for the bib shorts says they are for men. They are actually unisex and there is an option to select either a male or female chamois. Tineli will update the text early next week.

To view more of the kit and to make a purchase, follow the LINK.
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