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Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?
[Alan Scott – ALS] My wife affectionately calls me knob’, probably because I make some silly mistakes!
[Jill Scott – JS] My friends used to call me Jilly Willy’ as my maiden name was Wilson.
[Ayesha Scott – AYS] Jungle Girl in primary school, now most people call me Eeish or Eeishy!
How long have you been involved in triathlons and how did you first get introduced / involved?
[ALS] I did my first tri in 2009 with my friends Martin Booth and Clayton Bishop from Western Power.
[JS] After Alan started triathlons, Ayesha soon got hooked, so I became a spectator / supporter around that time. I love watching triathlons now. I have done a couple of pinkies’ triathlons but I’d rather spectate than participate!
[AYS] I got into triathlon in 2012. My dad was doing the Hillary’s Triathlon in April and we went to watch. It looked like good fun so I asked if I could give it a go.
Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try triathlon, or what sport were you into before?
[ALS] I always swam in the morning, it is therapy. I bought an old Raleigh in Scarborough in 1989 and cycled everywhere. I used to cycle everywhere in the UK (even in Winter). I used to run a lot in the UK as I used to box. It was my friends Martin and Clayton who introduced me to triathlon, it then seemed an obvious sport as I loved all three disciplines.
[AYS] I had always done swimming lessons and started with the dolphin program at Aqua Motion which was a program for children with disabilities. When I was in Primary School I realised I enjoyed running, especially the longer distances, and I was over the moon that I won the Year Six and Seven 800 m and Cross-Country races. I never really tried cycling until I took up triathlons. Cycling has always been a struggle for me and I had to work really hard at it over the past few years.
Tell us about your first race, how’d it go?
[ALS] My first race was a corporate triathlon in Perth. The one funny thing I remember is slapping someone on the backside in the swim so I called out sorry” but there was no one there…then I realised it was a massive jellyfish!
[JS] When I did my first pinkies’ triathlon I hadn’t done freestyle or much swimming at all since my high school days (a very long time ago!). I didn’t want to practice, as Alan wisely suggested, as that just meant more of the getting wet and cold’. I thought it would just come back to me when I jumped in on the day! Needless to say it didn’t! I thought I was going to drown. I could not put my head under the water and had to do a very slow breast stroke the whole way.
[AYS] My first was the women’s Pinkies Triathlon at Challenge Stadium. I think it was about a 200 m swim, 10 km cycle and 2 km run. I just loved it and got really hooked.
Would you mind telling us what age group you race in?
[ALS] 45 – 50
[AYS] 16 – 19
What’s the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you during or before a race?
[ALS] I had a puncture during the Perth-Freo-Perth 54 km ride, and when I stopped I had no idea how I got there (I have discovered hydration now!)
What’s your triathlon goal?
[ALS] Support Ayesha!
[JS] I am happy just trying to improve my very, very slow Park Run time!
[AYS] My triathlon goal is to do a Half Ironman in a couple of years.
Is there someone you respect highly in triathlons or the club, and if so can you tell us why?
[ALS] Ayesha Scott. The most dedicated, sincere and hardworking athlete.
[JS] I have so much respect and admiration for so many people in North Coast Tri Club who are constantly challenging themselves and achieving their goals. But the person I most admire, and obviously I am a bit biased, is Ayesha. Ayesha was a very floppy baby and delayed reaching all the normal’ motor milestones. A muscle biopsy at age 13 months confirmed that she had a mitochondrial muscle myopathy. When she was diagnosed I didn’t know what the future held. We didn’t know if Ayesha would ever walk – she did when she was almost 2 years old, after lots and lots of physio! To see her currently competing in Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons now is just amazing! On top of the mitochondrial disorder, Ayesha was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. This brought a whole load of social and learning issues. Ayesha loves triathlon but has really struggled with the technical side of cycling in particular. She has never given up though, she just plugs away. She has been bullied, she’s had injuries, but like all die-hard triathletes, she just picks herself up and gets on with it! She’s also a great sportsperson and is the first to congratulate other people after races. Yes, I am a very proud mum!
[AYS] I respect so many people in North Coast Triathlon Club. I admire Jess Claxton because she’s an amazing triathlete and a great sports person.
What is your trade or profession?
[ALS] Telecommunications technician for Western Power.
[JS] I am an orthoptist, and work for an ophthalmologist in Morley.
[AYS] I am in Year Twelve at Duncraig High School.
Is there any product or service for sale that you would like members to know about?
[AYS] I am trying to sell my old Azzurri bike if anyone is interested?
What are the specs of your trusty steed’?
[ALS] late 1980’s Reynolds 753 tubing hand-made bike from Sydney. Shimano 8 speed 105 gearing, with beautiful Mavic wheels.
[AYS] It is a Giant Liv Envie Advanced 2017. It has Shimano 105, 11 speed manual groupset.
Any pet hates we should know about?
[ALS] Lazy people.
[JS] Alan calls me the triathlon police’! I do get quite annoyed with people who walk on the paths when runners are coming or cross the roads when cyclists are approaching and I have been noted to mention this once or twice! I also get annoyed when swimmers deliberately swim in front of the buoys or cut the course short. I don’t mean genuine mistakes, I know that happens and can’t be helped.
[AYS] Blisters, cramps and injuries!
What’s your favourite drink?
[ALS] Ginger beer on a hot afternoon and a good Shiraz on a warm evening.
[JS] Coffee, especially if it’s been an early start to the day. I am partial to a nice gin and tonic though!
[AYS] Milkshakes and smoothies.
And how about your favourite holiday destination?
[ALS] Asia.
[JS] I love Busselton, and I love travelling in South East Asia. We had Christmas in New York a couple of years ago, that was pretty amazing.
[AYS] Paris, Disney Land.
What was the last book you read?
[ALS] Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century’ by Christian Caryl.
[JS] The Girl who takes an Eye for an Eye’, the latest book featuring the ultra-cool character Lisbeth Salander.
[AYS] No Worries’ for English Literature at School.
Who is your sporting hero, and why?
 [ALS] Joey Dunlop, a world class motorcyclist from Northern Ireland. He had a very serious accident in 1989, smashing his left leg, breaking his collar bone and right wrist. He was disqualified from the 1989 Isle of Man TT race as he was unable to walk up the 126 steps to the tower but never gave up. He worked on his fitness every day and gradually had the strength to race again. Overall he had 26 wins at the Isle of Man TT races and won the Ulster Grand Prix 24 times. Sadly he died in a crash in Estonia in 2000.
[JS] Growing up in England, I was a Manchester United football supporter. Sir Matt Busby became my sporting hero after I did a talk in English on the history of the football club. Matt Busby managed the team from 1945 and achieved great results with his team of young players The Busby Babes”. Sadly, eight of his players died in the Munich Air Disaster of 1958. He also nearly lost his life, but he went on to manage the club and achieve further great success in the FA Cup and the Football League, and finally in 1968 he led his team to win the European Cup before retiring the following year.
[AYS] The Brownlee brothers. I loved watching Alistair help Jonny over the line in Cozumel. They are amazing triathletes.
Which three people would you invite over for dinner?
[ALS] Guy Martin, Ozzy Osbourne and Robert Carlyle.
[JS] Clint Eastwood, Mo Farrah…and Jamie Oliver to do the cooking!
[AYS] Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Colin Morgan – all my favourite actors.
What’s a typical holiday for the Scott family, and does it include any races or events? Who gets to decide the destination?
I think I (Jill) usually decide on the holiday destination and I talk the others round to the idea! I usually try and find somewhere with a gym and a pool as Ayesha hates the thought of missing training!
How you the girls get on, are they competitive or best of friends?
My girls usually get along OK although they are completely different in every way – and this sometimes leads to intense clashes!
The Scott family is very supportive and involved in the club, why is this? What makes your family tick?
We all love being part of North Coast Tri Club. We have found it to be so inclusive, friendly and supportive. Everyone has a friendly word of encouragement for Ayesha and so many people have gone out of their way to help and support her. We have met so many lovely people through the club and it has given Ayesha a great sense of belonging. The way North Coasters support each other at events such as inter-clubs and Ironman is just awesome!
What’s the next big event for the Scott family?
Well, Alan can’t run any more due to an absent meniscus but Ayesha has her sights set on a half ironman in Busso in a couple of years! Bring it on!
Many thanks to the Scott family for contributing to this article, and indeed for all their input, help and encouragement to NCTC club members; valued and treasured members of the club for sure! And good luck Ayesha when you line up in Busso in a couple of years time, no doubt you’ll knock it out of the park!