70.3 Training Squad – Information Night

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 70.3 training squad information night is on this Tuesday Night 2nd January

Be you a first timer, (especially for you guys) seasoned vet, male, female, young or old, the squad is a wonderful opportunity to grow and expand your ability and knowledge in the sport of long course triathlon, all whilst enjoying the wonderful camaraderie of old and new friends and the many benefits that training in a likeminded focussed group brings. You simply will never experience these things outside of the squad environment.

For more information please email brad@t6d.com.au.

Details for the information night are:

Tuesday, 2 January 2018 at

Sorrento Community Hall, 22 Padbury Circle, Sorrento.


Directions can be found HERE.

Training begins on Monday Jan 29.  The 14 week squad experience will be something you won’t want to miss.