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An email has been sent to all eligible juniors to participate in the Fundraising program for the School Sports Competition.  We are looking for a co-ordinator.  If anyone is interested, please contact Moya at secretary@northcoasttriclub.org.au, this can be anyone with a junior that is involved or any member of the club wanting to help out.

Well done to all the Lancelin riders.  I’m told the weather proved to be a challenge at the start but all good for the rest of the ride and the scones were yummy. Looked like the burger and chips at the pub lived up to their usual expectations.  A big thank you to the support crew, Bill & Lill from the Willowbrook Farm Caravan Park for their hospitality and scrumptious scones and a special thanks to Kelli O’Neil who spent countless hours organising the event, we really appreciate everything you do Kelli, you make our club a better one.

There are still spots available in the  WIT (Women In Triathlon) course commencing 7th October.  It is a great introduction into the exciting, fun sport of triathlon, open to all ages 18+.  Get your wife/mum/sister/daughter/niece/mother-in-law/aunt even Grandma join in the fun, make new friends and get fit.  The cost includes 8 sessions each of swim, cycle and run.  All the details can be found on the WEBSITE.

Junior Block Training is on again.  The first block starts on Friday, 27th October at 4.30pm at our new venue bike/run venue Whitford Nodes.  This program is for Younger Juniors (7–11s) and those Competitive Juniors (12-15s) who are beginning in the sport.  Cost for a block is $60 or $100 for both. The second block begins on the 16th February.  More details will follow shortly.  If you have any queries in the meantime, you can contact the junior co-ordinator at Juniors@northcoasttriclub.org.au.

Next weeks newsletter will be out a bit earlier than usual next week.  I am off to Phuket, unless someone else wants to take over the reigns???  Feel free to contact me at secretary@northcoasttriclub.org.au if you are interested in publishing the newsletter.

MONDAY 25th September (public holiday)


RIDE: INDOOR COACHED SPIN (Combined Squad and Club)

Venue: Coles Underground Carpark No. 9, Whitfords Shopping Centre
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm  (squad to approx 8pm – non squad members welcome to stay on)
Cost: $5.  Please use your Training Card purchased through Register Now or Direct Deposit.  See below for details.
Details: Come along for a super Spin session in the dry undercover carpark.  These sessions are coached and will vary each week. So pack your bike, wind trainer, towel, water bottle and a change of clothes into the car.  Please arrive a bit earlier so that you can setup and be ready to rock at 6.30pm.   See Website for more information.

TUESDAY 26th September


Venue: Meet at Celebrations Whitfords
Time: 6:00am – 7:15am
Details: This is the popular Tuesday morning “intervals” ride session. This is a high-intensity training session with a mix of fast, flat sections plus 3-7 hills and dedicated recovery points. Group 1 uses active recovery (constant rolling) at regrouping points and Groups 2 & 3 have passive recovery stops. The ride departs at 6am from Celebrations Bottle-shop at Whitfords Shopping Centre. For more ride details see the Website.

RUN: TEMPO TRAINING  (Venue change to Flinders from next week)

Venue: Bridgewater Park, 40 Bridgewater Drive, Kallaroo.
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Cost: $5 or less with a Training Card purchased through Register Now or Direct Deposit.  See below for details.
Details: This session is suitable for all levels.

WEDNESDAY 27th September


Venue: Craigie Leisure Centre
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $10 or less with a Training Card purchased through Register Now or Direct Deposit.  See below for details.
Details: Indoor squad in 25m pool, outdoor squad in 50m pool.  The indoor squad is for adults and juniors (12+) who need swim fitness, stroke correction and technique development.  The outdoor session is based on building pace awareness and speed. Refer Website for more information.

THURSDAY 28th September


Venue: Meet at Celebrations Whitfords
Time: 6:00am– 7:15am
Details: This is one of the regular fortnightly rides.  For more information on this ride visit the Website.


Venue: Flinders Reserve, Broadbeach Boulevard, Hillarys.
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Cost: $5 or less with a Training Card purchased through Register Now or Direct Deposit.  See below for details.
Details: This session is suitable for all levels. For details see the Run Training section.

FRIDAY 29th September


Venue: Southern groyne of the shark net enclosure at SSLSC.
Time: 6:00am (50mins)
Cost: no cost


Venue: Craigie Leisure Centre – 50m outdoor pool
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am (2 lanes)
Cost: $10 or less with Training Card purchased through Register Now or Direct Deposit.  See below for details.
Details: Take your pick: – short set up to 2.2km; longer set 2.7-3km. Pacing as per program with drills to develop technique.

SATURDAY 30th September


Venue:  Meet at Sorrento Surf Club
Time: 6:00am
Details: The Power Station Time Trial ride is a single distance ride of 80km from Sorrento SLSC to the Gnangara Power Station and back. The time trial section is an out and back course of 15kms each way on a road with almost no vehicles and is a good opportunity to get some time on your aero bars.  Catering for all speeds. For more information see Website.


Venue: Meet at Sorrento Surf Club (Northside)
Time: 6:30am – 8:30am
Details:  This ride is a semi-coached social ride for adults and older juniors just starting up in cycling or returning to cycling after a lay-off. Distance covered will usually be around 30km with average speeds around 25km/hr. Coaching on cycling technique and copious amounts of encouragement will be provided during this ride.  No one gets left behind!!


No scheduled ride.  Feel free to join the main group or Kevin’s group.

SUNDAY 1st October

Venue: Meet at Sorrento Surf Club
Time: 8:00am
Details:  This is a casual and non-coached swim.  Meet at the top of the stairs.  Look for the guys and gals in the wetsuits.  Open to all members.


Training Cards are a quick and easy way to pay for all your training sessions The cost of the 20 x $5 card is $80 a saving of $20.  Cash prices are as listed.  Purchase your card through the link REGISTER NOW or by Direct Deposit into the NCTC Bank Account.  Details are:

BSB: 066166
Account: 10018211
Reference: TC Surname



Date: 13th October
Venue: Sorrento Surf Club
Time: 5:30-45pm registration
Details:  See WEBSITE


Date: 15th October
Venue: Sorrento Surf Club
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Why do bicycles fall over? Because they are two-tired?