Get Ready to Order NCTC Club Kit

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Sleeved A.I.R suit

Sleeved A.I.R suit

Sleeved A.I.R. top

Sleeved A.I.R. top









New Kit Launch

Our club uses a custom online shop system provided by Scody to allow members to purchase club kit during specific sales periods throughout the year.

Garments are not held in stock and can only be purchased when the shop is opened. Orders are taken from Members through the shop during the sales period and all sales are then manufactured to order and delivered by courier to your address.

This year, all club members receive a $100 voucher from Scody, which can only be used during the first 90 days of your TA Membership. We have timed the opening of the shop and the range on offer to ensure that you can best utilise this offer to prepare for the 2017 season so take the time to carefully consider your needs.

In keeping with the SunSmart principles and ongoing request from club members, we have now added the long-awaited sleeved aero trisuit to the range of race kit. This comes in either an aero sleeved tri top, or a sleeved one piece trisuit in the new-look NCTC race kit design, so the entire range of race kit has been restyled to match. You’ll notice that the grey panels and cuffs have gone which have been replaced with black and a new graduated stripe across the chest and back. We hope you love our new-look race kit designed to make you feel fast and go faster than ever!

The new garment we’ve added to the range is the Optimise A.I.R,  as worn by pro triathlete Tim Berkel and has been favoured by many triathletes over the past 2 seasons. Our very own club Secretary Moya Jones also has one and claims it took 20 minutes off her expected bike time in the IM70.3 this year and is the most comfortable trisuit she’s ever worn. The Optimise A.I.R garments are designed for athletes looking to get the competitive edge. A.I.R suits feature a zoned fabric construction targeting specific regions of the body, which is claimed to make a noticeable difference in race performance.

There are 2 Optimise A.I.R garments available for you to choose from and both in gender specific styles;

The Optimise A.I.R. one piece trisuit (at a cost of $330), or the Optimise A.I.R. tri top (at a cost of $178).

We will also have the standard sleeveless trisuit ($199) and sleeveless tri top ($110), plus tri pants ($110). These garments are also available in either mens or women’s specific cuts.

Whichever tri top you prefer, you can mix/match with the tri pants.

To benefit from the $100 discount voucher, you need to be sure you order $300 worth of garments from the Scody shop when it opens this week. As the 1 piece Optimise AIR sleeved trisuit has a price of $330 this brings the suit down to a more reasonable price of $230. You may purchase as many items as you like from the Scody store to ensure you reach the $300 minimum order value to get your $100 discount off that order so for your convenience we’ve also added the standard range of cycling kit to the store. This effectively means the discount will pay for a new jersey! And because all orders over $250 are free postage you’ll also save $12.50 on the usual postage.

The only downside is the waiting for your awesome new kit to arrive. But the good news is we have timed deliveries so they will arrive by 6th November.

Don’t delay – find your email with your Scody $100 voucher and get ready to use it this week. This will be the only time you can order club kit for the 2017 summer season, as the next purchasing opportunity is planned to target the State Long Course championship in May 2018 (Busselton IM 70.3).

The shop is expected to be open for Members to make orders online from Thursday 7th. More details to come over the next few days.