Busselton 70.3 Workshop RACE DAY

Written by Moya Jones on . Posted in News

Barry Silverlock will be holding his final 70.3 Seminar on Sunday 9th April, 3pm-5pm at the Sorrento Community Hall, Padbury Circle, Sorrento.  Main focus, RACE DAY!!!

This is the final workshop in the series. The information session is open to all club members, free of charge, who are preparing to race at the Busselton 70.3 in May 2017 whether you are a first-timer, or a seasoned athlete.  This one is all about RACE DAY.

Barry is a long term member of the club with nearly 20 years of membership, including many as a committee member and is a life member of the club. Barry continues to race all distances from Sprint to Ironman (although he has said he has retired from Ironman). Barry has done the end of season half ironman since it was the long course at Rottnest, Barry is highly competitive in his age group and has done over 30 half ironman races. Barry has a wealth of experience to share and is very pragmatic and approachable.  So come along, there is always something new to learn.

For more information, please email Barry at silverlockb@intoreo.com.