Max Greive Memorial Run – 11th Nov 2016

Written by Martin Flaig on . Posted in News, Race report, Results

An impressive 89 participants ensured it was another great tribute to one of North Coast’s influential founding members. Max was an inspiration and mentor to many, both as a very highly respected schoolteacher and triathlete who led by example. Sadly, Max lost his battle with cancer in 1999.

Money raised for the Cancer Council of Australia totalled $649. Donations on the night totalled $369, with another $280 being raised by the BBQ team, so thanks to all who contributed financially and those who volunteered their time. Thanks to Tom Gilbert for organising the takings and making the payment to the Cancer Council.

In the 5km Bolt, it was Ayesha Scott who led home the field, flying the flag for the Juniors and Females, in a touch over 20 minutes. Runner up was another Junior, Andrew Rooney, coming in 15 seconds later.

In the 10km race it was Brad Kaye who made the pace for the early kilometres, as Rob Pouw bided his time before striding out in the final stretch to win by 24 seconds, in a time of 37.24, to take home the Big Ring Trophy. An impressive time considering the undulating course and block headwind.

For the girls it was Annika Gillgren who led the field home in 44’29”. Unfortunately for Annika, she was unable to claim the trophy which is reserved for North Coast members – much to the surprise of Morgan Marsh, who finished second, to take home the Female Big Ring Trophy.

Special thanks to Tom Houston who again supplied the highly desired, top quality and quite unique trophies.

Paul Heyes



1 Rob Pouw 37’24”
2 Brad Kaye 37’48”
3 Tim Vande Koot 39’45”
4 Simon Agar 40’01”
5 James Knipe + pram 40’26”

1 Annika Gillgren 44’29”
2 Morgan Marsh 45’40”
3 Sue Scott 46’58”
4 Emma Conway 48’58”
5 Carolin Kerr 51’30”

1Rob Pouw37.24
2Brad Kaye37.48
3Tim Vande Koot39.45
4Simon Agar40.01
5James Knipe40.26
6Troy Stewart40.46
7David Dillon40.52
8Paul Murphy40.59
9Phil Corrick41.05
10Brad Hosking41.13
11Martin Koreman41.53
12Phil Monks42.24
13David Russell42.48
14Ross Skelton43.21
15Alex Black43.37
16Ian Sutherland43.55
17Annika Gillgren44.29
18Hilton Funk45.04
19Rob Hall45.18
20Paul Heyes45.35
21Morgan Marsh45.40
22Rob Chapman45.40
23Marcus Rooney45.41
24Stuart King46.48
25Alex Dennis46.49
26Sue Scott46.58
27Steve Waterman47.03
28George Funk47.17
29Brodie Hunter47.26
30Greg Johnson47.32
31Mark Hoffmann48.17
32Martin Thorsen48.38
33Emma Conway48.58
34Richard Milloy49.32
35Rob Lees50.49
36Tom Gilbert51.12
37Carolin Kerr51.30
38Paul Waymouth52.12
39Jenny Aden52.18
40Chris Golder52.47
41Craig Wright53.59
42Sarah Black1.00.43
43Emma Bott1.05.34
44Kelli O'Neill1.05.34

5km BOLT


1 Ayesha Scott 20’25”
2 Aleisha Wesley 21’58”
3 Madison Toovey 22’14”
4 Julie Heyes 22’50”
5 Petra Jerejian 22’56”

1 Andrew Rooney 20’40”
2 Ollie Waymouth 21’40”
3 Luke Miller 22’40
4 Toby Waymouth 23’19”
5 Lachlan Cook 23’30”

1Ayesha Scott20.25
2Andrew Rooney20.40
3Ollie Waymouth21.40
4Aleisha Wesley21.58
5Madison Toovey22.14
6Luke Miller22.40
7Julie Heyes22.50
8Petra Jerejian22.56
9Cara Kerr23.09
10Toby Waymouth23.19
11Lachlan Cook23.30
12Thomas Rance23.33
13Henry Miller23.45
14Callum Smith23.00
15Gryffyn Argent23.41
16Max Argent23.42
17Ruben Argent24.30
18Ruby Aden24.34
19Ava Aden24.34
20Andy Richards25.20
21Lisa Vass25.50
22Katherine Humphreys28.00
23Anna MacFarlane28.04
24Karen Campbell28.22
25Elaine Leask28.26
26Elaine Ainsworth28.33
27Lucy Kaye28.55
28Ruth Hazell29.02
29Belinda Bartlett29.15
30Ann Blatchford29.25
31Amy Williams29.33
32Sian James29.41
33Sam Starr30.14
34Sarah Harvey31.28
35Leanne Kelly31.55
36Adrian Brooks31.56
37Cara Corrodus32.44
38Fiona High34.04
39Tejal Mawjee35.32
40Chardae Martin46.40
41Michelle Martin46.41
42Gabby Parrotte47.39
43Loretta Wesley47.40
44Lynn Girvan53.26
45Eddie Girvan53.27