A letter to the club – The “Nearly” Death Valley Ride

Written by Martin Flaig on . Posted in News


My name is Marek Klimczyk. I was the guy who cut short your Death Valley Ride. Stuart King is my brother in law and I understand he has been writing posts on my progress for people who are interested.
I want to say a massive thank you to the people who got my heart beating again and saved my life. I will come down to the club and thank you in person when I get a little stronger.
Although you guys were the most important in keeping me alive, I understand a lot more people played a part. I thank you all and sorry for the trauma I caused people.
I cannot remember Saturday or Sunday at all, and I’m not sure I want too. They are not 100% sure what happened to me but think a piece of cholesterol plaque ruptured on the artery wall creating a chemical reaction causing the main artery to block.
I would like to point out that my total cholesterol is 3.5 and all other plasma reading were well inside heart foundation recommendations, a heart rate of 50bpm, with blood pressure high but within limits.
Royal Perth did an echogram on me to check the condition of my heart before the plan, which was to put in a pacemaker. What they found surprised them as I had no scarring around the arteries, the 90% close artery was able to be kept open by 3 stents and the others arteries stretched by a ballooning technique.
The lack of scarring I was told was due to the fast response on the people of NCT getting my heart started again and keeping it going till the ambulance arrived. I am now on tablets for the rest of my life, but I think that is a small price to pay to be still breathing.
I was training for the UWCT event and was doing a lot of kms per week. Since September till today, I would have done over 11000km, choosing to ride alone. I tried to do the death valley ride a few months before but got lost thus why I asked Stuart if I could come along to this one.
I have rode with Stuart for 15 years plus for a Sunday ride, with no problems, which is lucky as neither of us know CPR. I find it amazing that I could ride my whole life by myself or with someone who did not know how to help me or me them, yet the time it was needed I was riding with at least 4 guys who knew CPR.

Yes we did buy a lottery ticket, we won $30 🙂 but I think my real winning ticket did not pay out in money.