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We had an amazing turnout at Wednesday nights swim session, both indoor and out. I had 26 swimmers complete the CSS test and I was so pleased with how patient everyone was while I managed the groups and recorded times. Thank you to my wonderful swimmers!

With Busselton half training starting for some, and others working on their swim fitness for the rest of the season, I expect numbers might stay high and I want to ensure everyone has a solid and enjoyable swim session.

I am unfortunately unable to gain any more lane space at the 6.30 timeslot so at present we have a broad range of swim paces in each lane. So starting this week, I am trialing holding 2 sessions on Wednesday night in the outdoor pool;

Session 1 is the current session, 6:30-7:30pm.

Session 2 will directly follow it at 7:30-8:30pm.

The sessions will be exactly the same, threshold work based on CSS pacing using the tempo trainers. As I can’t guarantee attendance and I have no desire to limit it, I wanted to give people 2 options to try to distribute the volume of people and ensure everyone has an enjoyable and solid swim.

If you are able to attend the 7.30pm session, I would love you to come along to that instead. I know a lot of people worry about later swims with eating and sleeping. I recommend ideally having an early dinner (6pm at the latest) and then a light protein based snack when you get home, or if you are pushed for time, a light snack when you get home from work (around 5.30-6pm) and then dinner after your swim.

Regardless of the numbers in each lane, I want to re-iterate our need for patience with each other and following basic pool etiquette:

  1. Please always keep to the left of the lane to make it easier for people to overtake up the middle.
  2. When overtaking, check for oncoming traffic first and a single gentle tap on the swimmers toes to let them know you are passing.
  3. The slower swimmer always has right of way, so it is the responsibility of the person overtaking to make the pass and not impact anyone.
  4. Please try to limit overtaking at the ends of the pool as it can result in head on collisions. Always stay to the right and don’t undercut anyone.
  5. Be respectful of each other and remember we are all there to get have a good session and to have fun!

I am absolutely loving coaching these sessions and I have seen some great improvement with my regulars. I would love more club members to come along and challenge themselves. If possible, give the 7.30pm timeslot a try. We will trial it a few weeks and see how it goes. As always, your constructive feedback is very welcome.