Newsletter December 2015

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In the Chute

By David Martin – President

It has been a very busy 6 months for the club since the roll over of the membership year. We have continued to offer quality training and coaching services; provided numerous events for our members such as the Winter Duathlons, Summer Aquathlons, Tour de Lancelin Ride, Max Greive run, Information Seminars & Skills Workshops, a Season Launch event, a 5 week Juniors Training Series, and a WIT course.

In November, a large number of you supported the club by participating in the State Interclub Championship, in which we placed runner-up in the Champion Club point score by the tiniest of margins; we were also recognised as the biggest club participating in any IM branded 70.3 race in Australia for the year at Mandurah IM70.3; and in December NCTC IM participants were rewarded at IMWA with VIP Bike Racking for being the club with the largest number of entrants. Our club even managed to win 1st place at IMWA for winning the most points – receiving a special trophy at the after party! So to all our members involved in these races, and to those that participate in our training and coaching services, we extend to you a great big cheer of applause!

Whilst taking about events – make sure you pop down to Sorrento SLSC this Friday night for the annual XMAS Aquathlon. Aside from putting on a great Aquathlon race, the club will be putting on pizza’s and the bar will be open. This is a great way to end the year with all your training buddies. You can choose to race or watch others racing whilst watching the sun set over the magnificent Indian Ocean at Sorrento Beach. I look forward to seeing you all there for this one.

This year the club has received two new major sponsors being Bike Force Joondalup and Damien Newbold/Davey Real Estate.

For those of you that were unaware, we have had a sponsor change for the Aquathlon series this year. We pass on our best wishes to Al & Suzie from Als Cycle Surgery with sincere thanks for their 8 year partnership with NCTC. We now welcome Bikeforce Joondalup as the new naming rights sponsor for the Aquathlon series and additional involvement in the club. Dave and Candy at Bikeforce run a great business and offer a wealth of products and services that not only suit cyclists but they now stock and offer great Triathlon specific products and services. So drop into the shop in Winton Rd, Joondalup and tell them you are from the NCTC  for some excellent discounts and offers.

Updated NCTC TrailersAs most of you will know by now, active club member Damien Newbold and his business at Davey Real Estate have provided logistic support for our races. This has included a full make over of the two club trailers – including sand blasting, repainting, new artwork, tyres and a full reconciliation of the equipment inside!

You can see from the photo just how terrific the trailers are looking and if you have attended any races lately you will easily find them thanks to Damien always willingly taking them and setting up where and when needed. Please make sure you support Damien and Davey Real Estate  – they are certainly supporting us!

And now, with Xmas right upon us, I’d like to explain some adjustments to our coached services for this holiday period. The club calendar and weekly update email will keep you informed, but the last coached training session will be Wednesday night 23rd Dec swimming at Craigie. We will then have the following week off and resume again with cycling on Tuesday morning 5th Jan. There will of course be the family/social Boxing Day Ride & BBQ Breakfast on the 26th December at 7:30AM Sorrento SLSC. Please keep you eyes on the calendar and weekly update emails.

At this holiday time of year the entire committee and myself want to wish all our members, family and friends a very safe and enjoyable Xmas break.

Busselton IM 2015

By Emma Bott

Wow what a weekend!
As we rolled into Busselton the Ironman evidence was everywhere, the signs, flags, banners and posters. We took a stroll down the red carpet to check out Ironman alley and the air had a strange feel a mixture or excitement and panic! Maybe this was heightened by the ‘cycle mechanic – repairs’ and ‘wetsuit repairs’ signs posted at various spots. As the sun went down that dusk a strange quietness too hold of this ‘Ironman town’, al calm before the storm perhaps? Almost like an eeriness before a cyclone hits. Needless to say it was quiet, very very quiet. As I prepared to go to bed that night I offered up a prayer to the Ironman gods to keep everyone safe and as I lay in bed I silently sent my ’10 seconds of courage’ to my competing club mates. Not that they needed courage, the fact that they had got to the start line was courage enough to last a lifetime.

The alarm shrilled at 3.15am on Ironman race day. I quickly checked my facebook and sure enough a few nervous teammates were already up. Volunteer shirt on, hat on, sunscreen applied, we shoved a banana in our mouths and bleary eyed we drove down to the club tent to check that it hadn’t blown away overnight in the gale force winds that had suddenly appeared! The rain started to sprinkle down and with it my anxiety heightened as I worried about my friends on the slippery roads. It was then, as the sun struggled to rise, I looked out over the ocean…..The words washing machine and worse than the worse aquathlon stumbled out of my mouth. The worry of slippery roads flew out of my mind as I stated reciting the Lords prayer for my friends!

We made our way down near the start line. I put my biggest smile on my face. I noticed the ‘panic energy’ of yesterday had changed, changed to excitement with a sprinkling of fear! We found as many teammates as possible and excitedly wished them the best and reminded them we would be waiting for them at Russell street aid station. The countdown began 3, 2, 1 and the horn blasted! We watched the pros set off, then the courageous inspiring para athlete and his fantastic team set off. The age group wave of over 1200 men and women stood on the shore line ready to go ….. the horn sounds and they run into the water. The air was snapping with excitement and confusion amid yells, cheers and waves. The scene of different coloured swim caps was awesome to look at, trying to find my 44 club mates that I cared about was hopeless but I knew they were out there struggling to swim, breath and remain focused.

So we watched the whitewash of swimmers getting further and further away, the waves seemed to swallow them up. We waited near the beach but maybe that wasn’t a good thing as we kept seeing the rescue jet ski tearing out to swimmers. So we made our way to the swim exit aid station and waited and waited. As the minutes began to tick by the worry crept in especially with the gigantic seas. Our clubbies then began to trickle thru with looks of relief on their faces. We jumped up and down and cheered and clapped, phew phase 1 over!
We watched our teammates gear up and hop onto their steadly treadlys that would be their grand coaches powered by piston legs for a mere approx 6 hours. We made our way out (by bike) past Port Geographe Marina to stand on the roadside with our camera in hope of getting some action shots as memories for our friends. By this stage the wind had picked up and our Northcoasters came flying past us with flames on their tails. But coming back was a different story. It was evident the cycle was becoming a hard slog into the wind although one would think they were enjoying it from all the thumbs up and whoops we got. We managed to get some great action shots amid all the nutrition consumption that was happening. Jeepers a lot of food can be squeezed into those little bike bags and stuffed into back pockets. As our friends cycled their way thru their lap phase 2 drawing to a close.

Onto our bikes we jumped and made our way to the Russell street aid station to begin our hours of volunteering. Quickly we had our briefing and started handing out nutrition as the pros speed by. We were excitedly and nervously looking for our clubbies and we kept every possible aid nearby at the ready. A smorgasbord of gels, watermelon, nutrition bars, pretzels, lollies, vegemite, bandaids oh and most importantly Vaseline! Gradually North Coasters started running by with huge grins out breaking out onto their faces as they recognised our familiar faces. The feeling of being needed as we passed them what they needed was immensely gratifying.

The run leg seemed a never-ending loop of laps. As each team mate ran, walked, rolled or shuffled past a variety of emotions began to pass over their faces. As much as they were all so pleased to see us the underlying pain and emotional rawness was evident. It was at this time that I realized the power of simple words ‘your doing fantastic’ ‘you’re a machine’ ‘ I’m so proud of you’ became lifesaving words that the runners grabbed onto. It was then we swapped to the water station as a lot of team-mates came around for their 2nd or 3rd lap. That 3rd lap was when I noticed the tears just bubbling under the surface of many runners but at the same time a determined ‘I can’t stop’ attitude. As we encouraged not just our Clubbies but all that was out there to keep on running I felt amazingly privileged to have been part of this amazing race. I realized that as much as the athletes were racing against each other they were racing with each other. There were so many displays of complete strangers patting each other on the back and when all was lost for some fellow racers would pull them along ‘run with me, we can do it together’, as I write this the full emotion of the day for me is so strong and inspiring.

Later that night at the finish Shute amid the cheers, yells and announcements I looked around and realized what a huge accomplishment it is to not only complete an Ironman but to complete the training. The months if not years of slogging it out on lonely roads with only your mind to accompany you. My hats off to all of you weather you made it across the finish line or not you truly are an ‘Ironman’.

Sponsor Message

Damien Newbold & Davey Real Estate

Davey is a family owned business that has been operating for 40 years. Its original office is still proudly operating in North Beach and the group have a further 6 offices throughout the Northern suburbs, from Scarborough to Currambine, Mt Hawthorn and reps in Yanchep. We cover a large area and will list and sell almost anywhere.
I personally have been with Davey Real Estate since January 2015, I have had almost a lifelong connection within the real estate industry as I am following in my father’s footsteps who was an agent for 18 years. If you have any real estate needs I am more than happy to provide you with honest and professional advice.

This is my second TRI season and I truly have become addicted to the sport, I have taken part in the all of the Telstra Tri Series and the 2015 Busselton 70.3. I aim to complete the upcoming series and the Busselton 70.3 to become an annual event.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at various events and training over the coming season, and I wish all of you the best for the upcoming season, I hope you break some personal records and reach your goals.

Damien Newbold – Davey Real Estate