*NEW* RUN SESSION, Tuesday 6am

Written by Janine Kaye on . Posted in News

Tuesday mornings have just become far more exciting and rewarding than ever before! Why? Because Pippa will be taking a “tempo” style run at 6am to keep your running on “track” for the upcoming tri season.

What is a tempo run I hear you ask? Firstly, it is the run you should be doing to compliment your interval session and your long run each week that will help improve your pacing and overall running performance. The idea of a tempo run is to maintain your “threshold pace” (about your 10km race pace) for up to 40 minutes or to do a variation of this to work on being able to keep your pace for longer especially for those doing the longer distances. That’s not to say you won’t benefit if you are a sprinter.

The run will go for a total of an hour and will involve a warm-up, drills a continuous run for between 20-40 minutes depending on your goals and the usual cool down and stretch.

Now we have your attention, where will you find this great session?

McDonald Reserve Padbury – Enter off Forrest Road

Park on the Forrest Road side of the Hockey Club.

Session fee : $3