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Our club is run by a committee consisting of an enthusiastic group of people all keen to make our club grow and flourish. We need new committee members to join to continue this role as there are a number of current committee members leaving this season. 

It’s now time to send in your Committee Nominations in preparation for the upcoming AGM. These are due by no later than 14th August. The Committee selection process requires that people self-nominate or nominate others they think would be good on the Committee. To make a nomination, you must print out the form found on our website (see here), fill it out, get the required signatures, and then email it to president@northcoasttriclub.org.au by 14th August. Don’t leave it to the last minute! 

During the AGM nomination forms are read by the President and votes are taken from the floor to secure the positions. Every Member of NCTC has the right to both nominate and vote for the committee positions so you are encouraged to act now and be involved in the future of North Coast Tri Club. The AGM is on 3pm Sunday 30th August (afternoon following the City to Surf).



Here is the summary of the NCTC training sessions for the week. Please refer to the calendar on the club website for more details or follow the links below.


*  TRYSTARS SWIMMING:  Arena 25 m pool, 6pm

Trystars swimming will resume tonight for a 9 week block. Please remember to bring your fins and goggles, and get your swim card signed off at the start of the session. 


*  CLUB RIDE:  6-7.20am, Iluka Loop

Summer athletes are made in Winter! Don’t get slack over winter just because it’s dark and cold – you need to get your base training in ready for the triathlon season. With a number of events coming up early in the season such as Mandurah 70.3 and the Rottnest Triathlon, plus all those doing IMWA, there should be lots of you needing to get out on your bike.

This week, we will be trialing a slight modification to the route (not detailed on the map), so please come 5 minutes early to get the briefing at 5:55am for a 6am sharp start.  More info and links to maps can be found here.


50m with Janine Kaye.   This session is aimed at working on your swim efficiency, pacing and fitness over the winter months. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). We are in the indoor heated pool but you’ll need to rug up for the walk back to the car! 



Indoor pool with Pippa –   This session is technique based and perfect for CT’s and those of us looking to develop confidence and stroke.  Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). 

Outdoor pool with Janine –  This session is aimed at working on your swim efficiency,  pacing and fitness over the winter months! Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). It is getting chilly outside so you are welcome to wear your wetsuit for this session (you will need to rinse it out thoroughly to avoid chlorine damage) or remember to bring lots of layers rug up for the walk back to the car! 


* SPIN SESSIONWestfield Whitfords 6am

It’s spin session week and David is back. Bring your wind trainer, towel, & money to Car Park 9 (gated) at Whitfords . Full details with a map to gain access are available on the Calendar Event page. Also don’t forget that flats and mechanicals can still occur on indoor sessions so remember to pack a pump, or gas and your spares.

David will open the gate and activate lights at 5:45am. Please come with plenty of time to setup your gear and start your warmup for session start at 6am sharp. Cost $5.

Sessions runs for about 1 hr and bikes and cars are secured in the locked carpark so we can leave our gear and walk through the centre to have breakfast/coffee at Orion Café (located on the other side of Whitfords near the NAB bank).

* RUN: INTERVAL TRAINING : Moolanda Park,  6-7pm

Winter run sessions are at Moolanda Park, Moolanda Boulevard,  Kingsley. Rob Lees will be away until early September. Pippa Davis will be coaching the sessions in his absence.  These fun interval sessions are suitable for all levels and running experience. All welcome to come along and give it a go!  



Outdoor pool with David M. –  Daytime swimming is glorious at Craigie! No other squads are on during this time and we’re getting a great turnout and some big improvements are happening to those that are coming regularly. David’s session includes a mix of drills and some threshold work. We have 2 lanes and cater for all levels. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). 



A Club Duathlon is held on the first Saturday of every month from June-September.  The Duathlons are considered training, not a race. More info can be found here . If someone is free to watch the bikes while people are running, your help and support would be greatly appreciated. No other ride is scheduled this week.


This week the Juniors will join in with the club duathlon. 



Swim cards will be on hand at all sessions. The cards are $90 for 10 sessions (a saving of $10). Show the coach your payment receipt  (paper or digital copy)  and they can authorise your card! Payment is required either by direct deposit or register now to avoid too much cash handling on pool deck 1. Direct Deposit to the NCTC account using: BSB: 066166    Account: 10018211   Reference: SC Surname 2. Register Now payment using the Swim Card event setup at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=15483