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Hope you all enjoying a bit of a lighter week with training. It can be tough to keep motivated as the weather gets colder, but hard work over winter always pays off!  It is CSS testing week with Janine at Arena and Craigie, so it will be a good chance to assess your fitness post Busso and set a benchmark for improvements over winter. It might be the little kick you need to keep the winter mojo going! 

Please have a good read of the write up about winter cycling routes from Michelle Martin included below. It is your chance to help the club grow and we would love your input!

 As always, check the calendar for the weekly training sessions available. The highlights of the weeks activities include:



*  CLUB RIDE:  6-7.20am, Iluka Loop

This is a very popular weekly ride that continues year-round. Ride briefing under cover at Celebrations drive-thru Bottle-shop at Whitfords Shopping Centre. There are three ride plans catering for all speeds of riders: Group 1 – plus 32km/hr, Group 2 – plus 30km/hr, Group 3 less 30km/hr. Lights & ID band required.  Please note – there’s a new coffee shop just near the ride start/end (outside northern entrance near Godfreys) called Orion Cafe. They welcome cyclists and are open from 7am. More info and links to maps can be found here


50m with Janine-   It is CSS testing week so this session is a mix of technique to warm up and a CSS time trial at the end of the session. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). Don’t worry about the time trial. It is great to have a baseline and chart any improvements but remember, it is what it is. 




Indoor pool with Pippa –   This session is technique based and perfect for CT’s and those of us looking to develop their confidence and stroke.  Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). Be sure to welcome our new coach Pippa! The feedback from her first session last week was wonderful!

Outdoor pool with Janine –  It is CSS testing week so this session is a mix of technique and a CSS time trial at the end of the session. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). Don’t worry about the time trial. It is great to have a baseline and chart any improvements but remember, it is what it is. 


* CLUB RIDE:  Hillarys and Sacred Heart, 6am

This is one of the regular Thursday morning club rides departing from Celebrations drive-thru bottle shop at Whitfords shopping centre. More information and links to maps etc can be found here.

* RUN – INTERVAL TRAINING : Moolanda Park,  6-7pm

Winter run sessions are at Moolanda Park, Moolanda Boulevard,  Kingsley. This week Pippa Davis will be coaching the session.  With lots of running events over the winter, now is a great time to work on your running. These fun interval sessions are suitable for all levels and running experience. All welcome to come along and give it a go! 



Outdoor pool  with David M. –  this session will be a mix of drills and some endurance work. Suitable for all levels. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). 



The junior club ride is departing from SSLSC this Saturday. Please be there at 6.15am for a 6.30am start. Don’t forget to wear your ID wristband and lights.

* CLUB RIDE Option 1 – Guildford Hills 6.30am

Ride Leader Stuart King – http://northcoasttriclub.org.au/club-ride-9-guildford-hills/

* CLUB RIDE Option 2 – Social/Coffee Ride, SSLSC 6.30am

David and Michelle are testing a new route but everyone is welcome. This will be an easy pace ride with a stop for coffee at “Toast” in Claisebrook Cove – see http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7754840

For the next couple of weeks, we are offering a mix of easy recovery rides with a stop for coffee for those just easing back into it after a big effort at Busselton IM70.3 plus start the alternate hills rides for those with bigger plans!



By Michelle Martin

North Coast has always had a strong contingent of cyclists that ride year-round and with the approach of the winter season, now is the time to start planning the winter cycling calendar.

We are looking to add some alternative routes into the schedule and are interested in Members that can nominate a ride they’d be prepared to lead – obviously David and/or I will be available to help you “publish” it and get it to an approved stage but this is an important part of sharing the load and keeping our rides fresh, safe, and meeting your needs.

As I think I’ve demonstrated this year, you don’t need to be the fastest cyclist in the club to lead a ride – anyone can “lead” a ride simply by taking charge of the briefing, setting regroup points, and setting the group off from the start. In our club, whoever is ride leader is respected for that role. The group will listen to you – all you need to do is set the ride off on time with a reminder of the regroup points and any specific protocols that apply to the day.

Generally, the Saturday club rides start from Sorrento Surf Club but they don’t have to. Now that Finns Café is closed for winter, there is no coffee stop nearby other than Voyage, so an alternative start point could be Dome Mullaloo, Dome Kingsley, Kings Park, Kalamunda, Joondalup McDonalds, McDonalds Currumbine, Dome Carramarr, or the ride could venture to another coffee shop en-route for a midway stop, such as Deepwater Point Café, Cranked Leederville, the Coffee Hut in Herne Hill or some other coffee shop that welcomes cyclists that you know about. In fact, there is a new coffee shop at Whitfords open 7 days from 7am outside the northern entrance near the NAB bank that has already advised the club saying they’d welcome us!

Saturdays typically remain focussed on road cycling and during the off-season can include use of bike paths. Sunday rides are an opportunity for MTB rides. In fact if you’re interested to nominate a route and lead the group you can nominate any day of the week that suits you. We would even welcome rides that target a specific focus – eg. Ladies, Beginner, Hill Repeats, Mount/Dismount practise, Recovery, Coffee/Social etc. You can even nominate a different start time for weekday rides – perhaps earlier at 5am or later at 9.30am! We know there are many Members that can’t make the regular scheduled rides due to different time constraints and schedules so if you would like to put a group together that meets your needs we can help you get it started and promoted as a club session.

The only constraint is that all new rides must have prior approval, which includes mapping and publishing, plus time for adequate promotion in the weekly update so allow approximately 2 weeks lead time. Michelle and/or David will help you with this process and are available to discuss any other concerns you may have.

We look forward to seeing lots of new ride routes and new group ride leaders step forward!

Please contact Michelle or David  with any questions/suggestions via president@northcoasttriclub.org.au




This is such a great activity organised by Kim Lees for club members to have a go at. It is so much fun and no experience necessary!

Midland Speed Dome  Eddie Barron Dve Midvale from 6.00pm to 8.00 pm

$ 25.00 including Bike hire and 1 coach

Bring your pedals, bike shoes, helmet and if you have clear glasses. It can get quite cold out there if you’re standing around so bring something warm to slip on

RSVP  to Kim Lees: This is limited to 25 people only to book your spot at this event give me a call on 9300 4946 or 0419 025 881 or email   kim@robleesdesign.com.au


* END OF SEASON DINNER – Joondalup Resort (pool side marquee), 27th June 2015!

Don’t forget tickets are now on sale for the North Coast Triathlon Club Presentation Dinner on the 27th June, 2015 at Joondaulp Resort Poolside Marquee! We hope to see LOTS of you there celebrating the year we had together! The dinner is open to all members and their family/partners. The club is subsidising partial costs of this evening, and we are offering all tickets at $55 per person. Each ticket is for a 3 course buffet dinner valued at $75, plus a DJ will be there to get you all moving! Drinks are available to be purchased from the bar. Tickets are available to purchase here Any questions regarding your ticket purchase, please contact David Martin – president@northcoasttriclub.org.au. Any help and support will be gratefully accepted. Please email Kelli at kjoneill@iinet.net.au or phone 0438 345 789.



The NCTC rides have an exceptional safety record but there are always days when people make rash decisions on the bike. To minimise the risk of a nasty incident, there are a number of things that individuals can do. Please read the following Checklist, http://northcoasttriclub.org.au/riding-etiquette/


Swim cards will be on hand at all sessions. The cards are $90 for 10 sessions (a saving of $10). Show the coach your payment receipt  (paper or digital copy)  and they can authorise your card! Payment is required either by direct deposit or register now to avoid too much cash handling on pool deck 1. Direct Deposit to the NCTC account using: BSB: 066166    Account: 10018211   Reference: SC Surname 2. Register Now payment using the Swim Card event setup at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=15483