Busselton 70.3 In Photos

Written by David Martin on . Posted in Social

By David Martin

For my first year sitting on the sidelines at the Busselton 70.3 let me just say that being a spectator is not an easy job on so many fronts. Mainly not being able to be out there hurting and sweating with you all was the hardest part, well let’s just say it hurt not be be out there, so the only part missing was the sweating. Was there much sweating this year it was so darn cold the whole day. Maybe I did not miss much then!

You guys and gals all looked so strong out there on the course and it was wonderful to see so many smiling (some of the time) and happy (other times) faces. I managed to snap off a few hundred photos and have uploaded them in full camera resolution so feel free to copy and use these photos. If you were wearing the new or older Club Kit then you will certainly be in these images, if not and I recognised you or you stood out then you may also be in here. So here they are: