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An update to the weekly update to keep you all on your toes 🙂 


There was an overwhelming number of Northcoasters who participated in the SSLSC organised swim on sunday. It was absolutely stunning conditions and great to watch! The results have been posted on Facebook, but for anyone who hasn’t seen them, they can be found here.


Run training will NOT be on this thursday. Rob is taking a much deserved month off, but it will resume next week under the guidance of David Martin. Our new coach Pippa will be overseeing it for the remainder of May until Rob returns in June!  This will be a great training opportunity for everyone taking on some dedicated running events over the winter!

BUSSO 70.3  Supporters Tent 

* Volunteers needed for Busso 70.3 supporters tent!
If you’ll be down in Busselton this weekend cheering on friends, do you have an hour or two to spare to man the NCTC tent!

We’re looking for volunteers to man the tent during the day. Volunteers are needed for the important stuff like the drinks and bag security! Without volunteers we will be unable to ensure security of bags left within the tent. We hope to provide everyone with a great place to start, finish and hang around at the event so, if you are able to lend a hand, please email David (president@northcoasttriclub.org.au)


* Your Vote Counts at Busso this weekend!

At the club tent this weekend will be the voting box (ice cream container) in which you can elect an outstanding member of the club to be in the running for club person of the year (to be announced at our end of season dinner). David has been summing up the votes so far and there are a few worthy standout people. However the voting will still be available this weekend at the club tent, so pop in and nominate any member you feel has done a great job for the club this year (either sporting, supporting or operational). Your votes will count and you can vote for as many people as you feel.