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CRAZY weather we are having! I am hopeful you are still all managing to work  around the rain and get some solid training done. This week will see a change of venue for our run training and CSS testing at Arena swim session on Tuesday.. and  as always, check the calendar for the weekly training sessions available. The highlights of the weeks activities include:


*  CLUB RIDE:  6-7.20am, Iluka Loop

 This is the popular Tuesday morning club ride known as an “intervals” session because there are numerous opportunities to stretch out in some fast, flat sections and then recover at designated regrouping points. The ride departs at 6AM from Celebrations Bottle-shop at Whitfords Shopping Centre. Lights required from now through to end winter.

There are three ride plans catering for riders of all ability. The groups ride slightly varying routes to reduce distance with less hills repeats in Iluka for Group 2 and less distance (shortcuts) for Group 3: Group 1 – plus 32km/hr, Group 2 – plus 30km/hr, Group 3 less 30km/hr. Distance: 40km, 38km & 32km. Please self-seed yourself into the correct group for your ability at the start. Group 1 is lead by Bill Whalley and sets off separately to Group 2 and 3. They do not regroup with the other 2 groups at all during the ride however riders will occasionally  “drop back” into Group 2. Group 2 is led by Michelle Martin, plus we have a small but regular group of Group 3 riders doing the short cuts, which is working great. More info and links to maps can be found here


50m with Janine- IT IS CSS TESTING night !! The session will be as usual for the first half (a mix of technique and threshold work so please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles) but in the second half of the session we will be doing the 400m and 200m time trials to check on our progress and assess anyone new to the CSS style of training. Any questions, let me know (janine@janinekaye.com.au)



Indoor pool with Pippa –   This session is technique based and perfect for CT’s and those of us looking to develop their confidence and stroke.  Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). Be sure to welcome our new coach Pippa! The feedback from her first session last week was wonderful!

Outdoor pool with Janine – This session is  going to be a solid endurance set tonight… perfect for those leading into the Olympic distance events on offer this weekend and also for those gearing up for Busso 70.3.  Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). Swim caps are also encouraged so we can make use of the Tempo trainers!


* CLUB RIDE:  Hillarys Sacred Heart loop, 6am

This is one of the regular Thursday morning club rides departing from Celebrations bottle shop at Whitfords shopping centre. This ride is a regular club ride and is a short hills training session on local roads. The route offers some flexibility on distance and pace depending on how you feel on the day as the hill repeat area is a 2 km loop with either 3, 2 or 1 times up the Hocking Pde Hill, thus you can add or subtract a loop and then wait at the regroup area at the top of the hill on Hocking Parade behind Sacred Heart College. Distance: 23, 27 or 31km.  More information and links to maps etc can be found here

* RUN – INTERVAL TRAINING : Moolanda Park,  6-7pm

With the evenings getting darker quicker and the lack of lighting at our summer run location, we have made the decision to shift to our winter run session location. Moolanda Park, Moolanda Boulevard,  Kingsley. 

 These fun  interval sessions are suitable for all levels and running experience. All welcome to come along and give it a go! 



Outdoor pool with David M. –  this session will be a mix of drills and some endurance work. Suitable for all levels. Please bring your Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles (we have some club PB and Paddles available). 



The junior club ride isn’t on this week as Kevin is away conducting a Road and Track coaches course. The session will resume on the 25th April from SSLSC. 


The Yanchep/Two Rocks ride is the clubs regular Saturday ride and can be made any length you wish as it is an out and back course. The documented ride shows 4 total distances being 64km, 74km, 90km & 112km. It is suitable for all group levels of riders as we group ride to the Burns Beach & Marmion road intersection and then head out in groups – Group 1 – plus 33km/hr, Group 2 – plus 30km/hr, Group 3 less 30km/hr.  More info and maps here

We currently do not have a leader for this ride as David is recovering and Michelle is doing 3 dams.  It would be great if someone who is riding would consider taking on the role to ensure the ride leaves on time. Please let us know if you are willing to take on the role or if you have any questions.



Lots of events on offer on sunday including the Cooggee and Mullaloo Olympic distance events. Check out the calendar for more info and linkshttp://northcoasttriclub.org.au/calendar/2015-04-19/



* END OF SEASON DINNER – save the date- 27th June 2015!

More details to follow soon but for now, mark your calendars! We are still looking for volunteers to help organise our end of season dinner and year book!  Any help and support will be gratefully accepted. Please email Kelli at kjoneill@iinet.net.au or phone 0438 345 789.



* TIPS AND TRICKS – Weatherproof your Ride

Sarah Black sent in a link to an article that provides great information on getting your bike ready for winter. Well worth checking out, here . Thanks Sarah! I welcome anything else anyone would like to add to the weekly update or monthly newsletter!


The NCTC rides have an exceptional safety record but there are always days when people make rash decisions on the bike. To minimise the risk of a nasty incident, there are a number of things that individuals can do. Please read the following Checklist, http://northcoasttriclub.org.au/riding-etiquette/


Swim cards will be on hand at all sessions. The cards are $90 for 10 sessions (a saving of $10). Show the coach your payment receipt  (paper or digital copy)  and they can authorise your card! Payment is required either by direct deposit or register now to avoid too much cash handling on pool deck 1. Direct Deposit to the NCTC account using: BSB: 066166    Account: 10018211   Reference: SC Surname 2. Register Now payment using the Swim Card event setup at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=15483