Death Valley Ride 2015 – 4th April

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The annual Death Valley Ride is back again this Saturday (Easter Saturday) for 2015, again timed as a major endurance ride 4 weeks out from the Busselton Half Ironman. Death Valley is the one of longest published club rides and totals 135km. This ride is a new route, commencing from DOME Kingsley, takes you out into Death Valley, a pit stop at the “Gidgy” Bakery, and the trip back completing the loop of Death Valley and doing the double pass of the infamous OMGWTF rollercoaster of Lancewood Road, Seriously, Death Valley is not for the novice! It was put on our calendar purely as training for the Half Ironman, and if you have been putting the kilometres in, then this is helpful towards achieving your expected bike time at Busso, this is great training one month from the Busso half for those that have been putting in the work. And at the same time a pretty good social event. Mark Hoffmann (Hoffy) will be leading the ride.

Happier Valley Ride –An option exists for those that don’t want to do the flat hour at each end of the ride, and just to savour the HILLS to start by meeting the group after 6am from the Coffee Hut and dropping 60km out of the ride to bring the total back to 75km

Very Happy Valley Ride – For those that feel that the full ride is too daunting and would just like to taste the Death Valley then they are welcome to meet the group at the Lancewood & O’Brien intersection and do the 40km loop of Death Valley with the stop at “Gidgy” Bakery in the middle. It is anticipated that the group will arrive a bit after 7am depending on progress. There is some parking available off the road on O’Brien just before the intersection.

David Martin has kindly offered to be there as support and sweeper for safety, and on course mechanic! It would be great if someone willing to take some photos could join him in the car to take a few photos of the pain developing. Or they could drive themselves if that is more convenient. Pro skills not necessary. Michelle Martin has offered the use of her camera if anyone is keen.It must also be noted that there is limited mobile phone coverage, and no reliable mobile phone coverage in some sections of the Valley. So you should either travel with others or lodge your plans with someone before you head out this way.

So, APRIL 4, departing 5.00am from DOME Kingsley

The route is as follows:

  • Taking Hepburn Ave all the way to the end and pull over in the bay to regroup before Beechboro Rd
  • Beechboro Rd to Reid Hwy and then Lord St turning right just after the Whiteman Park entrance into Youle-Dean and regroup.
  • The route follows the Coffee Hut ride and in this area there aren’t street lights. Turn left onto Partridge St, turn right onto Woollcott Ave, and regroup before turning left onto W Swan Rd.
  • The group will turn left onto W Swan Rd and right onto Douglas Rd then leave the road and follow the downhill zig zag path over the river, past Sitella winery and left onto the Great Northern Hwy and regroup at the Coffee Hut and pick up any Happier Valley riders
  • Turn right onto Cathedral Ave, and the hills begin after passing the fire station with the right turn onto Camargue Dr then a turn left onto Campersic. Campersic is a major climb but does hold the advantage that you have plenty of time to look out over the Bells Rapids area of the river valley.
  • Left into Connemara Drive, Brigadoon (regroup 100m into Coonemara Dr near Dulcify Ct)
  • Left into Lancewood Road
  • Left turn into O’Brien Road, (regroup at the Lancewood and O’Brien Rd intersection to pick up any Very Happy Valley Riders) then begins a 4km descent to cross Wooroloo Brook and then climb back out the other side, which is a 4k ascent. O’Brien Road then turns into Clenton Road
  • Continue along Clenton to T intersection with Berry Road. (Regroup)
  • Right turn into Berry Road
  • Right turn into Reserve Road
  • Left turn onto Toodyay Road (regroup 600m at the “Gidgy” Bakery (Gidgegannup Bakery) for toilet and drinks) – Yay
  • After refuelling it is time to go home, safely back down Toodyay Rd and right onto O’Brien Rd, and regroup at the turn left onto Lancewood, saving farewell to those smart enough to be doing the Very Happy Valley ride.
  • Retrace along the OMGWTF rollercoaster of Lancewood Rd, to Connemara Dr, and regroup just before Campersic.
  • Turn Right onto Campersic and stay on Campersic and right onto William and regroup on William, from here ride as a group onto William St, left onto Lefroy Ave, right onto Argyle St and crossing over the rail line at the crossing and continuing on Argyle St to the Great Northern Hwy.
  • Happier Valley riders turn right when safe and return to the Coffee Hut
  • The group goes left onto Great Northern Hwy and then immediately right onto Barrett St crossing the river and up the zig zags – how many can make it after 100km on the bike?
  • Retrace back to Whiteman Park with left onto Douglas Rd, and left onto W Swan Rd (West Swan Road will be busy by now so an option will be to take the dual path), then right onto Woollcott Ave, left at Partridge St, right onto Youle-Dean Rd, back onto Lord St left and immediately right onto Whiteman Dr. Regroup at this point and from here it is 20km back for coffee and anyone with legs left can push hard for bragging rights back at coffee and ‘brunch’.
  • Through Whiteman Park, turn right onto Beechboro Rd to the roundabout and onto Hepburn Ave all the way to Kingsley Dr and end at Dome! Who’s up for a run off the bike?

Departure Time –5.00am.

Ride Day Tips

Hydrate well the day before the ride – water not alcohol – drink 3 – 4 bottles.

Early to bed the night before if possible

Try to carry at last 3 water bottles into the valley with you & powder for 2 more when we top up at Gidgegannup on the way home

4 to 5 food bars – just keep eating to keep your fuel/energy reserves up

Print off a copy of the map so that if you do get isolated you will be able to navigate your way out.

On this ride try to pack at least 2 spare tubes – 3 would be better. Check your pump and pack tyre levers.

Bring sunscreen lotion

Finally it goes without saying – please make sure your bike is in good condition – especially your tyres.