Member Profile – Dennis Tan

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Do you have any nicknames  we don’t know about?


How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get involved?

In late 2009, a former member – Elicia Condello invited me to a NCTC Thursday running intervals session and introduced me into triathlon.

Which of the 3 tri disciplines did you do well at before you decided to try tri?

I would say running. In year 2008, I was overweightcoach potato and diagnosed with high-blood pressure and asked by my GP to lose weight to avoid further health problems. So I took up running to aid weight loss and I ended up falling in love with it. When I first started, I couldn’t run 1km without stopping, but I gradually increased the distance 5k, 12k, half marathon, marathon, ultra marathon and I just can’t stop. So far I have done 10 marathons, 1 ironman 70.3 and 3 full Ironmans.

Tell us about your first race?

I was stupid enough to enter the Champion Lakes Sprint Tri in 2010 without knowing how to swim properly and I only have 8 weeks to train for it. I almost drowned and finished dead last on the race day, but I’m hooked, who knew I would complete a half and full ironman on the following year. 

Would you mind telling us what age group you race in?


Proudest Triathlon achievements and future goal?

Finished my first Ironman

Hong Kong 100km Ultra Trail race is still on my bucket list

Favourite triathlon distance? Why?

Iron Distance, I don’t really enjoy short and painful sprint distance. 

Are you married and bringing up a family?

Still Single

What is your trade or profession?

IT Developer and Freelance Photographer 

Do you have a product or service for sale that you would like members to know about?

Photography service : Paparazzi on the run

What are the specs of your trusty “steed”?

$900 Specialized alloy TT bike from Gumtree

Pet Hates?

People riding a bike without helmet

Favorite food ?

Spicy food and KFC

Dream job?

To be a professional sport  photographer  and having an opportunity to travel around the world capturing sporting events 

Favorite holiday destination?

Never been to New York and would like to visit one day 

Favorite Movie of all time?

The Matrix

Who is your greatest sporting hero?

Dean Karnazes the Ultra runner who inspired me to run my first marathon.

Three most inspirational people you would like to invite to dinner?

Jens Voigt, Team Hoyt and Chrissie Wellington

One song you would like at your funeral.  (or what would you like on your tombstone)

What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong