Craigie Gym Update

Written by Craig Wright on . Posted in News

Great news North Coasters – Craigie Leisure Centre have just advised me that we need 8 continuous members, which we have (plus some), to ensure we maintain our corporate membership discount rates.
To renew your membership, or sign up new, you just need to rock up to the Customer Service counter and say you’re with North Coast. This will ensure you get the 15% membership discount on 12 month memberships (any type of access – best value is the multi-access). That’s right… FIFTEEN PERCENT!!!! That’s awesome news!!! You DO need to bring your membership card, or receipt of renewal, or some other proof that you are a current NCTC member. You can do this immediately, we don’t need to do a mass renewal like last year – fantastic news.
Craigie Leisure Centre has advised it is the responsibility of each member to state they are with NCTC. The Customer Service personnel will not automatically assume or check to see if you are.
Unfortunately if you have just renewed or signed up and not mentioned you are a NCTC member and not received a discount, Craigie Leisure Centre will not be able to provide a retrospective discount.
Those of you who mentioned you were keen – no excuses – get down to Craigie and sign up for the awesome discount!!!
Any queries can be direct to:
Grace Darby
Member Relations Officer
(08) 9400 4607