TWA Awards

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Today has been another great milestone for the North Coast Tri Club, taking out the TWA Club Championship Award for the 2013-14 season.

This award comes as a direct result of the outstanding efforts from North Coast high achievers, who have today been acknowledged by TWA for placings in their age groups for Triathlete of the Year Awards. The full list of TOTY placings is detailed below, along with State Long Course Championship placings, TEP Squad members, and Technical Official awards and service recongition.

We send our congratulations to the North Coast team members who have today been recognised for their hard work and success this season.

It is also a great time to reflect on the entire North Coast family, who support and encourage each other for success and enjoyment in triathlon. For every one of you that proudly wears our kit, offers encouragement to our Trystars and Juniors, flipped a burger, sold a hot dog, marshalled a race, shouted and clapped all day until it hurts, you are the glue that holds this club together!


TWA Awards 2014


TWA Awards 2013-14

Triathlete of the Year Awards

12-13 female 1st Tara Corrigan, 3rd Sophie Foxcroft
12-13 male 1st Zak Williams
14-15 female 1st Carly Scott
14-15 male, 2nd Josh Roberts, 3rd Jamie Rooney
16-19 female, 1st Rachael Wales, 2nd Sarah Twyford & Tiffany Illingworth
ITU 13-15 female 1st Jessica Claxton & Lili Rogers
ITU 13-15 male , 3rd Lachlan Twyford
ITU 16-19 male 1st Kurt Wesley, 2nd Brandon Swift
25-29 male 1st Blake Kappler
30-34 female, 1st Alise Farrelly, 2nd Sarah Cairns
30-34 male, 3rd Bernie Streeter
35-39 female, 1st Eve O’Hare
50-54 female, 2nd Loretta Wesley
50-54 male, 1st Gilly Chutrau
55-59 male, 3rd Barry Silverlock
65-69 female, 1st Anne Blatchford
65-69 male, 3rd Ivan Clare
70-74 male, 1st Chris Limb
TWA State Long Course Championship
18-19 female 1st Tiffany Illingworth
25-29 male 3rd Blake Kappler
30-34 female 3rd Sarah Cairns
50-54 female 2nd Loretta Wesley
50-54 female 3rd Helen Vagnoni
50-54 male 2nd Gilly Chutrau
50-59 female 1st Judy Wheelan
55-59 male 2nd Barry Silverlock
70-74 male 1st Chris Limb
Triathlon Excellence Program, NCTC members:
Leighton Cook
Tegan Scott
Campbell Smith
Brandon Swift
Kurt Wesley
Steve Barrie Award, Technical Official of the Year
Linda Stenning
15 Years TO Service Award
Eddie Girvan
Robyn Scott
10 Years TO Service Award
Chris Limb
5 Years TO Service Award
Wilson Casado
Debra Kirkham
Linda Stenning
 * All names recorded as announced today, any ommissions or errors, please email