Underground Easter Run

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Another edition of the classic Easter Monday fun run, featuring 21, 17 and 10 km distances. Thanks to our host Dennis Tan, and all the great NCTC supporters.

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  • First male crossing the line for the 21 km: Blake Kappler in 1 hr 22 min 43 sec. Followed by Lyndsay Bennett.
  • First female: Margie Hadley, in 1 hr 31 min 40 sec, followed by Eve O’Hare.

Waiting for a few more  times to come in. If you haven’t sent yours, here is the link.

If you want to volunteer a recap, please let me know. Message me in FB.

Some trivia…

  • Blake Kappler practiced dirty tricks on Gilly Chutrau, kicking dirt on his face and chest as he sped up and disappeared.
  • Blake also ran backwards, may be we should just DQ him … BTW he’d run the previous day with pro triathletes…
  • Craig Cairns and Gilly Chutrau ran together most of the 21 km and crossed the finish line at the same time (same  “gun” time)
  • Mark Hoffman and Eve O’Hare went the extra distance to complete the 21.1 km. Both PB’ed their half marathon times.
  • SJ Brummage was late to the group picture.
  • Bill Whalley kept a good fast pace, and thanks to his words of wisdom,  kept the leaders on the right path.
  • Dennis Tan ran (welcome back!), no artistic pictures this time
  • Deb Kirkham the black angel on wheels saved many from dehydration. Alsopicked up nasty sweaty shirts to deliver at the finish line. Lucky none ended in the rubbish bins.
  • Everybody loved the event, praised Dennis for organising and volunteers for support. Suggestions had to do with marking the course(s) and to improvise water stations
  • To be continued… by y’all