NCTC Cycling Knowledge and Etiquette Workshop

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NCTC Cycling Knowledge and Etiquette Workshop

Brought to you by the awesome Kevin Chua

Saturday 29th March from 10am for 2 hours

So you might be thinking ‘WHY’ do I need to be there???


It is well known that triathlon participation is on the increase substantially which means more people on bikes on the road and safety of everyone out there is paramount!!!!


How often do we hear the bickering back and forth of motorists vs cyclists?? Too many!! Let’s begin with us being better riders on the road for a start, not only as an individual but in groups as well.


It’s as simple as that!

Who should attend this seminar?

New North Coast Tri Club Members, Club members who have not yet cycled in a group or were frightened by it the last time they did …… and existing members who already ride in groups.


Existing members ….. I can hear you now ‘But I have been riding on the roads for years! What’s the point of me being there???’

1 – You may have gotten a bit lax over the years and stuck in your ways that you may have actually forgotten some of the rules. A great excuse for a refresher!!

2 – Be there to be supportive to the new members of the North Coast Tri Club and also to new people who are confident on a bike but not in a group ride

3 – Socialize

4 – Support North Coast Tri Club



Date – Saturday 29th March

Time – 10am – 12pm – Please be on time

Where – Sorrento Surf Club

Cost – FREE!!!!!!


Coffee, tea and snacks are available from the outside café at your cost.


RSVP – By 26th March so enough volunteers can be organized to arrange the room appropriately.

RSVP to the Facebook event, or text Helen Mackay on 0409 987 810 with the message “Attending NCTC Cycle Workshop, Your Name”