Max Greive Results

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The 2013 Max Greive Run has been another successful event for North Coast Tri Club this year. Please find following the race wrap up and results from Eddy Girvan, Race Director.

On behalf of all members and the committee, I would like to thank Eddy for his dedication, commitment and effort to ensure the success of this club event. Congratulations to all place getters and participants!

Craig Wright

President, North Coast Tri Club

MAX GREIVE          10km RUN and 5km BOLT

I thank Paul Covich for passing on the following “vale” which was the front page article in the North Coast Telegraph of November 1999

31st January 1945 to 11th October 1999

Max passed away on the 11th of October with his loving wife Vicki by his side. His funeral on Thursday was testimony on how Max had touched so many different people. Young and old they came to pay their respects to a truly great man.

Max was a loving, caring family man and a ferocious competitor. He was a brilliant teacher and his list of Academic and Sporting achievements was long and varied. To most, Max will be remembered for being one of life’s true Gentlemen who gave his time to others. People like Max are rare in this world and you feel better for having known him.

Club members came out to support the Max Greive 10km Run and 5km Bolt on Friday 22nd November. With the weather gods beaming on us, the participants had perfect conditions to go and have a crack at setting fast times.

A big thank you to the support given by members in getting this event to run smoothly. Firstly the fantastic effort from Bar-B-Qers, supplying food for the many runners and supporters. Secondly to the people who manned the water stations. Janine, her children and friends at the MAAC and then at the clubrooms Sophie, Clare, Mikey  and the other helpers thankyou very much. Thirdly to Sarah Black alone at the turn around, thankyou, although I believe Erle thanked you in his own special way, albeit sweaty way. Forthly to Steve for recording the results. Finally to those who helped clean up at the end thankyou. If I have missed a name or something you did I apologize. For all your help in supporting this fundraising activity you have all done a great job.

There was a large number of supporters and family who encouraged all the participants. Your efforts are also very much appreciated.

The Big Chainrings were won by Elly Waterman in 44.24 and Steve Gleeson in 34.31, the fastest ever time by a club member in the 10km run.

The Small Chainrings (must be a Junior club member to win) went to Tegan Scott in 18.55 (this beats her winning time of 23.09 in 2010) and dual winners Liam McCoach and Brandon Swift in 18.20. Not a bad effort for Liam seeing he missed the start by 30 seconds.

The conditions were ideal. The sea breeze did not eventuate and the competitors faced a warm but not too hot run. There were many very good times over both distances. Everyone did their best in on the day and are to be congratulated for their effort. Well done to you all.

All donations and the money from the Bar-B-Q will be donated to cancer research.

Eddy Girvan

Apologies to Wade Pum and Katherine Humphreys we missed you as you came over the
line and failed to record a time.

10km Females
1st Elly Waterman Big Chainring
2nd Alise Farrelly
3rd Sue Scott
10km Males
1st Steve Gleeson Big Chainring
2nd Benjamin Walton
3rd Blake Kappler
5km Females
1st Tegan Scott Small Chainring   (Juniors)
2nd Bianca Harding
3rd Sarah Cairns
5km Males
1st Sam Hoffmann
2nd Brandon Swift Small Chainring   (Juniors)
2nd Liam McCoach Small Chainring   (Juniors)
3rd Lachy Twyford
10km run
Number Competitor Time
8 Steven Gleeson 34.31
5 Benjamin Walton 34.36
9 Blake Kappler 38.29
6 Brad Kaye 41.29
66 Kevin Kelly 42.15
17 Graham Haughey 42.40
38 Paul Heyes 43.06
3 Peter Illingworth 43.25
42 Craig Cairns 43.51
36 Mike Parrotte 44.03
37 Elly Waterman 44.24
7 Alise Farrelly 45.37
41 Mark Hoffmann 46.13
25 Sue Scott 47.21
26 Brian Scott 47.21
34 Bill Lakic 47.41
15 Amanda Collett 49.37
30 Aaron Smith 50.13
1 Paul Berry 50.43
33 Matt Pilbeam 51.09
4 Nicole Foxcroft 51.17
28 Ayesha Scott 51.58
29 Alan Scott 51.58
11 Dave Norton 52.35
21 Lindsay Bennett 52.35
22 Kevin Thomson 52.49
12 Tom Gilbert 53.07
20 Erle Franklin 53.12
31 Lisa Vass 53.22
40 Justine Brightwell 53.42
19 James White 54.20
2 Neil Toms 54.57
39 Julie Heyes 55.03
35 Stuart King 56.19
16 Graham Nash 56.26
24 Christine Golder 59.55
14 Matthew Roddis 61.11
23 Rhian Chin 61.11
43 Elaine Hainsworth 61.17
18 Kelli O’Neill 62.04
Leann Dart 67.27
5km Bolt
Number Competitor Time
10 Sam Hoffmann 17.47 from 10km
102 Brandon Swift 18.20
104 Liam McCoach 18.20
106 Lachy Twyford 18.54
101 Tegan Scott 18.55
109 Zak Williams 19.40
105 Mark McCoach 19.49
117 Graham Malone 20.44
13 Lee Scott 21.01 from 10km
32 Bianca Harding 21.07 from 10km
Kendall Dransfield 21.25
110 Keith Grassick 23.02
120 Sarah Cairns 23.49
Stuart Spivey 24.53
108 Craig Wright 25.56
118 Rebecca Bowra 25.56
111 Pam Richardson 26.05
112 Michelle James 26.37
113 Sally Pilbeam 27.10
107 Ann Blatchford 27.21
115 Jason Pum 28.09
114 Anne-Marie Williams 29.56
103 Alex Black 31.25
Allie 32.26
Coralie 32.36
Amelia 41.52
Sophie 42.27
116 Wade Pum
119 Katherine Humphreys