Max Greive Classic 10km Run & 5km Bolter

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In 2009 Jason Greive (Max’s son) was invited along to say a few words about his father to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Max’s passing. The speech was very moving and provides an insight into the inspiring and affable person that Max was and some of his contribution and vision from the early days of the Club.

A copy of the speech follows and trust you can draw on that little bit extra as you ‘take it up a notch’ in preparation for the Max Greive 10km Run & 5km Run on 22nd of November.

Mark Hoffmann

Thanks for inviting me along today to say a few words, the race this year is especially significant, as the 11th of October this year marked the 10th anniversary of Max’s passing.

I am honoured and I think it is tremendous that the club has taken a proactive approach to recognising, remembering and honouring its origins.

It would not be in Max’s nature to take credit for the evolution of the North Coast Tri Club and he would be the first to point out that he was only one of a key group of people who had the desire, tenacity and vision to bring the North Coast Triathlon Club into being.

The club, and all its members past and present owes a huge debt of gratitude to this group of founding members and, indeed, to the people that continue to give selflessly of their time to manage and run the club to this very day.

Max would be exceptionally proud to know that since its inception that club has blossomed and enjoyed tremendous success in many ways, but what would give him the most satisfaction is knowing that he had been instrumental in establishing a vehicle for helping others to challenge themselves and realise their full potential. After all, that is what Max was really all about and that is why so many people remember him to this day.

He often said that to be successful in life you needed 3 things: Ability, Desire and Opportunity. His thought was that this club would present many with the opportunity… the desire he would say – is up to you. Although the people that knew him would say that Max was a pillar who inspired and motivated many to be the best they could be and he did this through his shear presence, tenacity and example.

Max was a charismatic and engaging bloke, gave selflessly of his time and energy, almost always put the concerns of others before himself. He was a gentleman and the epitome of hard work and a genuine contributor to all he was a part of.

Max was net-giver to life. The world was left a lesser place when he died, his passing left a gaping hole in the many different schools, associations, clubs, families and people’s lives of whom he had become an integral part.

What people admired the most about Max was an uncompromising “never say die” attitude, whether it was always on the 9th 800m of an interval session or the home stretch of a 120km ride. When everyone was completely knackered and looking for the last little bit in the gas tank…

Sure enough Max would edge his way up to the front of the pack and shout “Righto guys lets take this up a notch… Let’s get up into the big chain ring …and hammer”

Jason Greive

Friday 13th November, 2009