Last of the 2013 Duathlons

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in News

With thunder and lightening threatening to the north a surprsingly large group were prepared for the last duathlon. As the event commenced the rain came down by the bucket load and during the run to the MAAC club and back Dave Norton made the decision to advise the participants that we recommended against going out on the bike.

A couple of die hards went out on the bike as far as Mullaloo and back the remainder of the mad duathletes just continued to run past their bikes out to the breakwater and back paddling through the pouring rain. Everyone returned looking like drowned rats and shared towels to dry off, and have a warm coffee. Thanks to Kelli for the muffins for eveyone.

Thanks again to Dave Norton for organising the series over the winter and they continue to be a successful format to bring together a number of the members on a monthly basis. It won’t be long now and we will be back into the aquathlon series for the warmer months.

Mark Hoffman


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