The Year Book through the Ages

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Some members may have noticed that inside the front cover of the Year Book it says Number 12 with Year Books now from 2002 through to 2013. The club commenced 20 years ago and on a Wednesday evening run along the coast between David Rogers and Dave Norton it was decided that the club should put together a year book to capture some of the annual highlights and record its history. Dave Norton has acted as the club historian since the club has been old enough to have some history and started the first Year Book for the 2001-02 year.
For the first two years the publication included an insert “If this Year Book does become annual, it will be important to keep it as accurate as possible. It is possible that some of the facts printed could be subject to some conjecture. If this should be the case, and you have alternative information, or if you can supply additional facts, please contact David Norton”.
The Yearbook is a labour of love for Dave Norton. Dave has singlehandedly and passionately managed (researching information, collating different topics and presenting it in a coherent and intelligent manner) the annual update of these books each year. He completes the task to the best of his ability in a selfless and quiet manner, and he takes few accolades for the amount he has done for the club. The publications have grown and evolved over the years, both in terms of the range and amount of content now being squeezed on to a page. Dave has in-fact continuously been a strong contributor in a wide range of areas within the club since he joined in about 1996.
The Yearbook provides the history of the club’s development, activities, achievements and personnel. Everyone knows that this club is only successful if its members contribute. Hopefully the Yearbook will provide the inspiration for members, new and old, to continue their active involvement in this club. David Norton can be proud that his efforts can and will provide such inspiration for members in the years to come.

Thanks to Mark Hoffman, Eddy Girvan and Barry Silverlock for this article.

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