‘dumb question’ NOT

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by Mark Hoffmann

On the club Facebook site Janine Kaye started what felt to her like a dumb question (and I am sure she won’t mind being requoted) as follows:

ok.. this feels like a dumb question..and very longwinded.. but I am asking anyway. I am getting coaching for my swimming from the fabulous Clare Whitehead, running coaching with a course I am doing but I REALLY need help on the bike. I want to understand how and when to change gears, what things should “feel” like so I can maintain effort without my thighs blowing up, how the hell to get up a hill without feeling like I am crawling and how to get faster! Any ideas who can help me with this? Bike riding for enthusiastic dummies..LOL! I rode 50K today in 1hr54mins (av speed 26.4km/hr) and I just did the math on that pace for Mandurah and I am too slow for my BIG hairy audacious goal of under 6hours.

Many in the club will have seen the resultant thread that ended up with more in excess of 100 comments. With so much interest generated by Janine, and a little persuasion Trystar/Junior club cycling coach Kevin Chua decided to run a ‘Kevin Chua course’ being  a mini informal course/seminar Sunday afternoon  at the Chua’s new home.  The course was limited to 10 participants and filled in minutes during a work day and was only advertised through the Facebook thread – does anyone work anymore without FB updates?


Kevin is a wealth of cycling knowledge and his knowledge has continued to evolve as his coaching experience has broadened over the last 2-3 years and the 3 hours of the course went quickly. Everyone whether new to cycling or with a substantial amount of experience picked up many good ideas and information to improve and make more enjoyable their cycling. Some of the feedback follows:

Thank you Kevin Chua for such an informative afternoon we have learnt so much in a fun relaxed setting in your beautiful new home .Now all we have to do is get on the bike and practice

Thank you Kevin!!! I am forever in your debt for sharing your knowledge and being so awesome about it! So glad my dumb question lead to your help! Xxxxx

Kevin you truly are one of the best for bike knowledge and an all-round super guy. The time you devote to helping others is very much appreciated. Thanks