And the winners are…

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North Coast Tri Club Awards Dinner. Another inspiring night of friendship and appreciation. Thank you to all the members that supported this very important club function – thank you also for the enthusiastic reception you gave to all the award recipients. It was a night to celebrate deeds performed and friendships made , a night to foster and a night to appreciate the Club’s amazing spirit. Come on the new season, it can only get better.


The criteria for the awards can be found on the North Coast website. You can follow this link to enter directly into the “Awards Criteria” page.

Club Triathletes of the Year 12/13


Senior Encouragement Awards 12/13

Kelli O’Neill & Bill Lakic

Junior Triathletes of the Year 12/13


Junior Encouragement Awards 12/13

Hayley Zehnder & Drew Corrigan / Kurt Wesley

Al’s Cycle Surgery Aquathlon Handicap Series

1st                    Wilson Casado

2nd                  Gilly  Chutrau

3rd                  Larry Smith



What the voters said for Dennis

3 million photos and counting

Creating the wonderful half marathon event

Underground  runner

Always supports everyone

Takes photos and conceives fun events

Creates enthusiasm & fun within the Club

Keeps amazing photographic records

Denis you are a rock

You are involved in everything

What the voters said for Eddy

A great treasurer (was that meant to be “treasure”)

No need to explain

As always – always being there

The world’s greatest  race director

Aquathlon  maestro

Tireless contributor

Only he can make pain … fun

Great support to new members

He’s smiling again


Sue Libbis

Steven Waterman

David Martin

This year the President has chosen to give the President’s Awards to those three outstanding individuals.

Sue has been a tieless contributor to the support network of the Club, from a major contribution as Club secretary at our committee meetings to particularly  the facilitating of our new members “meet & greet”. Sue has developed as a very senior executive member of our Club, and I’m sure we will benefit from this for many years to come.

Steven was the driving energy behind the evolution of our current website. He facilitated and hosted at his home all the meetings required to get  all the heads together. He and Kerrie sourced the company that developed the site for us and in so doing we gained the services of the most reliable and obliging  Jason Metcalf of Gecko Media.

Dave – Thanks to Dave and his dedication to creating a safe and enjoyable environment in which to cycle, we now have a myriad of ride options that the  members can partake of. All endorsed Club rides are now listed on our website with maps, profiles and descriptions.  Thanks to Dave we also now have a riding destination program up to month in advance.


The recipients of these certificates were voted for by the Club members in the voting process for “Club Person of the Year”. They were  recognised for their unselfish contribution to the Club

Chris Balde

Sara-Jane Brummage

Kevin Chua

Gilly Chutrau

Sonya Chua

Nicole Foxcroft

Erle Franklin

Michelle James

Sue Libbis

Rosa Illingworth

Kaitlyn Illingworth

David Martin

Glen Mesch

Sue Robertson

Kirstine Roberts

Karen Slatter

Steve Waterman

Craig Wright

Sue Zehnder