Near disaster – Please Read

Written by Zena Coffey on . Posted in News

Please read the message below, which I received from a shaken Aaron Robertson earlier today. As many people know, a number of our elite triathletes are heavily in training for Kona, Vegas and London. Ignoring the exceptional cold, these very experienced men and women set out early this morning to get the job done. What lay ahead is the stuff all of us think of ocassionally, but “it will never happen to us”. I have left Aaron’s words relatively intact as he attempted to paint the picture. Please note Alise is aware of this post and her privacy is respected. I am not fully aware of her condition as I post this, but suffice to say, our resident “machine” on the bike has received a severe shock today and hopefully a sore body is all that comes of it.

This morning a group of us went on our usual Saturday morning bike ride. Tempo work, short time trial, re-group and steady home. But best laid plans
don’t always go to plan when you have no control over idiot drivers!!. Whilst riding down Ocean Reef Rd West to the coast, Alise Farrelly, a very experienced and sensible cyclist had spotted a car heading towards her to turn right onto Dampier Ave. The driver literally stopped to let her pass but in some unknown moment of madness thought he/she (they didn’t stop by the way!!) could speed up and turn in front of her. Alise had no choice but to slam on the brakes, but we think she caught the back of the car and went straight over the top, landing on her back in a complete mess. Myself and Mike Mcconnell were around 200 metres behind and saw the whole thing.  Fortunately this is where, as a coach I couldn’t have asked for a better team around me. We pulled up and straight away a car pulls up behind to stop the traffic. Alise is conscious and let’s us know she has hurt her back. WE DO NOT MOVE HER!!

An ambulance is called straight away. Mikey, as cool as a cucumber asks all the right questions, reasures her and we get her covered in jackets from some great people who have stopped to help. The police turn up to direct traffic and ambulance arrives. In the mean time Blake has returned in his vehicle  to pick up the bikes so again, another thing sorted. Initial checkup on Alise is good, so pumped up on happy pain killers she is taken off to Joondalup hospital for further checks. All fingers and toes are crossed. So everyone, I hope no-one ever gets up in a situation like this, but please be prepared and we should all have a plan for any incident.