Back to Basics Swim FULL

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This course is now fully subscribed – thank to all members for the terrific response. We will run another course when pool space allows.
If you are a self-taught swimmer, have watched other swimmers and tried to copy them, or a mate has given you a few tips to help you improve your freestyle but ended up more confused than ever, then this might be the course for you.

The “Back to Basics” course is designed for those triathletes who can swim but are happy to “just make it out of the water” or if youʼve been the same slow speed for years and just donʼt seem to get any faster no matter how hard you train – there might be some fundamental information you are missing to help you further your improvement in the water.

The Back to Basics course is a 4 week intensive course aimed to first slow you down so you can check and correct the fundamental skills of your freestyle stroke. The course will also provide you with more information about movement patterns in the water, so you can identify and correct yourself during your own swim training. With more understanding about how you move your body through the water, you will be able to pinpoint and eliminate problems during training and racing situations.

And in this new format, we will be using video analysis to help identify areas of your stroke that need improvement. Learn how to make the most of every stroke so you gain speed without wasting energy.

When & where: Tuesday AND Wednesday (2 x sessions per week) 7.30-8.30pm at Craigie Leisure Centre (25m pool).
Cost: $120 for 8 sessions over a 4 week course .

Participant numbers are limited to 8 to ensure individual attention.

Start date: Tuesday 7th May 2013
Last session: Wed 29th May 2013
Participants will need to bring along fins for each session.
• Course includes notes, video analysis of your stroke and sample training sessions.



Aim of session


Stretching for swimming, first video session


Intro to basic freestyle kicking


Breathing position and timing + Introduction of arm movement


Basic drills – sculling patterns, single arm, catch, scratch, 6-3-6, brd slaps


Distance per stroke – technique under pressure and open water skills


Second video session + Squad training – introduction to various types of interval training

If you are interested in attending the course or require further information please contact Clare Whitehead via email