We are highly visible so…

Written by Dave Norton on . Posted in News

To North Coast club members, from a fellow cyclist: Please show some courtesy when using public roads and not participating in a race. I regularly encounter your club members (easily recognisable in their club gear) cycling in the Ocean Reef / Mullaloo / Hillaries area, and riding as if the road have been closed off for a race and there are no cars. Riding side-by-side, middle of the lane, ovetaking and simply diving in front of cars especially going south from Hillaries boat harbour to Trigg holds up traffic, and makes my blood boil. YOU DO NOT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY!!!

As I said, I am too a cyclist, and do not enjoy your members’ bad behaviour reflecting on me and other conscientious cyclists. Regards, Rudie Crous

From North Coast Tri Club President, Dave Norton:

We can all take notice of this as we are all guilty of the odd slip up in concentration. It just takes constructive feedback from fellow cyclist Rudie Crous to remind us of the need for good road manners. I know that there are many other cyclists that use the routes described above and we are not the only guilty ones, but we are highly recognisable in are Club strip are are identifiable so need to at least set a good example.