Death Valley pictures

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Dennis Tan’s Death Valley ride pictures are ready! Excellent quality, 1011 photographs !!! You can take a look in …


To continue with the fundraiser, things go like this:

  • 1 HD picture for 10 $
  • 2 HD pics for 15 $
  • 3 HD pics for 20 $
  • access to the entire collection in HD for 25$

100% of the funds raised will go to the charity (you don’t see this too often…?!).

We ask that if you get access to the full set, you don’t re-distribute pictures that are not your personal portraits as we would like to encourage others to “buy” their pics, even if it is just 1.

  • If you only want 1, 2 or 3 pics, please add a comment requesting the picture under each corresponding thumbnail in the FB album.
  • If you want the whole lot, just add a request under the album. Or let me know (FaceBook – Gilly Chutrau)

Payment method: bank transfer to BSB 066160 ACC 10331124. Please add RNCDVC and last name in the transfer comments.

Instructions about downloading will follow your request.


And some more samples below…