Battle of the Beach

Written by Dave Norton on . Posted in News

If you’re not racing Hillarys on Sunday then please come and represent your club in this classic contest. If you are racing then come down anyway (because you should be resting) and enjoy the spectacle and add some cheering. We do have some fine “athletes”  representing the Club, including Kona bound Mikey McConnell.

This is the traditional Tri Club vs Surf Club clash – to claim supremacy of the beach.

Their beach … our beach?

The battle will be contested on Saturday 6th April approx. 10am. Be there at least 20 minutes early to register.

Last year North Coast played host so we invited the Surf Club to take us on in what we do well – a Friday night Aquathlon. History will show that the Tri Club won the contest but we will remember that the event won the day. The camaraderie between all competitors was awesome and it was brilliant to see how many members of the Surf Club entered and how much they enjoyed the challenge.

So this year the Surf Club play host and we have been invited to enter their “Presidents Marathon”. This is not unlike our Aquathlons, but it is a bit longer and has considerably more soft sand running. The course is designed by the incumbent Surf Club president so will always have a bias to his/her strengths. Last year we ran on grass (bare foot) from the Surf Club to the Hillarys wall and then a combination of soft/hard sand running most of the way to the MAAC Club. On the return trip it was roughly 400 swim 400 run all the way back to the Hillarys wall, before another soft/hard sand run up to the MAAC Club returning with a swim run swim back to the boat ramp in front of the Club for the finish. The Club President this year Leif Hinrichsen does not like running, so possibly there will be a slight shift in emphasis.

Quite a few North Coasters entered last year and went very well. So guys who’s up for it, are we going to fight to keep the trophy? It would be so good to see our Club members turn out in force – and I can assure you your presence will be much appreciated by the Surf Club. Also it will be a nice warm up for the Hillarys Tri the next day.